General Information

Workshop on lattice cryptography

This will be a research workshop on the Mathematics of Lattices. It is intended for researchers who are experts in lattice cryptography. The talks will assume a strong knowledge of the subject area.

Abstracts for the talks are here.

Friday December 4
Room 260-040

  10:00-10:45   Jung Hee Cheon, Multilinear Maps and Their Cryptanalysis
  10:45-11:15   Coffee
  11:15-11:30   Problem discussion
  11:30-12:30   Amit Sahai, Obfuscation
  12:30-1:30   Lunch
  1:30-2:00   Problem discussion
  2:00-2:45   Fre Vercauteren, Weak instances of RLWE revisited
  2:45-3:15   Coffee
  3:15-3:30   Problem discussion
  3:30-4:15   Martin Albrecht, Some Remarks on Small Secret LWE