Asiacrypt 2012 Rump Session Program

19:00 – 21:08 Rump Session Chair: Ed Dawson

Asiacrypt 2012 Rump Session Call for Submissions:

Delegates are invited to submit the abstracts for rump session to before AM 10:30 on December 4. Presentations are invited in three categories:

A. New research in cryptology

B. Humorous cryptology presentation

C. Conference and other announcements

Time Speaker/Authors Title Sliders
7:10-7:15 Ed Dawson Rump Session  
7:15-7:22 Leo Ducas Tetris Based Cryptography  
7:22-7:29 Noboru Kunihiro Recovering RSA Secret Keys from Noisy Key Bits with Erasures and Errors Sliders
7:29-7:36 Dmitry Khovratovich New Russian Hash Function Standard Sliders
7:36-7:43 Adi Shamir New Attacks on SHA-3 Sliders
7:43-7:45 Takahiro Matsuda Invitation to PKC2013@Nara, Japan Sliders
7:46-7:48 Takahiro Matsuda Invitation to TCC2013@Tokyo, Japan Sliders
7:49-7:51 Kazue Sako Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC13) in Okinawa, Japan next year Sliders
7:52-7:54 Yuji Suga IWSEC2013 Preliminary Announcement Sliders
7:55-7:57 Orhun KARA Invitation to LightSec 2013 Sliders
7:58-8:00 Christian Rechberger Invitation to Ice Break 2013 Sliders
8:01-8:03 Satya Lokam Invitation to Asiacrypt 2013 Sliders
8:04-8:30 Break
8:30-8:37 Claudio Orlandi Attacking Boneh et. al Sliders
8:37-8:44 Yvo Desmedt Psychology-based Cryptology: Past, Present and Future Sliders
8:44-8:51 Akira Kanaoka, Kenta Ishii, Kazutaka Saito, Naoki Kanayama, Eiji Okamoto TEPLA: New C Library for Pairing-based Cryptosystems Sliders
8:51-8:58 Xiwen Fang DNA Cryptography Sliders
8:58-9:05 Shusheng Liu, Zheng Gong, Libin Wang Biclique Cryptanalysis Using Balanced Complete Bipartite Subgraph Sliders
9:05-9:08 Ed Dawson< Closing Comments