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Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, the largest state of Malaysia famously known as "The Land of the Hornbills". In Malay, "kucing" literally means cat. Hence, Kuching is also known as the "Cat City". Surrounded by a moderate mixture of buildings and vast acres of nature, Kuching boasts of modern urbanisation and historical landmarks. With a population of almost half a million, the people of Kuching come from different backgrounds of ethnic, religion and language.
Some essential information while you're in town:

Some essential information while you're in town:

  1. A meal at the hawker stall should not cost you more than RM10.00 (inclusive of drinks). There's no need to leave tips (even at the hotel).

  2. Most shopping complexes close about 9.30 p.m. while shops along the town close roughly about 6.00 p.m.

  3. Should you be interested in getting some souvenirs for your loved ones back home, a 5-minute stroll from the hotel to Main Bazaar (opposite the Waterfront) would guarantee you a myriad of handicraft and cultural items.

  4. If you're lost, proceed to the nearest police station that you see or call +6082 244 444 (24 hours police hotline).

  5. Although the crime rate in Kuching is relatively low, we would still advise you to go out in pairs/groups, especially at night. You should practise extra precaution with your valuables in public areas.

  6. As on 23 August, the Malaysian Ringgit is valued at approximately US$1 = RM3.49.

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  24 hour radio taxi service (short distance around town: RM5 - 7)
   +6082 343 343 / 342 255 / 348 898
Car rental/ Chauffeur services
  Cat City Holidays
Office: +6082 412500
After office hours: +6019 888 1480 / 019 889 8028
Email: leelan@pc.jaring.my
  Pronto Car Rental: +6082 236 889 / 237 889
  Mayflower Car Rental: +6082 410 110 / 410 11

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