Asiacrypt 2001
9-13 December 2001
Gold Coast - Australia
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The following is a list of presentation titles and presenters for the Asiacrypt 2001 Rump Session. Some of the authors have provided slides or papers which we provide links to here.
  • Anonymity of Undeniable and Confirmer Signatures, Steven Galbraith [ ps ]

  • The Best and Worst of Supersingular Abelian Varieties in Cryptology, Alice Silverberg [ pdf ]

  • Direct Recovery of the AAG Braid Group, Jim Hughes

  • Modified McEliece PKC Proposed at Asiacrypt 2000 is breakable with CPA, Kazukuni Kobara and Hideki Imai [ ppt ]

  • NTRUSign, Nick Howgrave-Graham

  • The World's Fastest Hardware Cipher, Akashi Satoh [ pdf ]

  • A Public Key Cryptosystem Based on the Subgroup Membership Problem, Juanma Gonzalez-Nieto

  • An Easy Method to Implement Audio Cryptography Schemes without Computing Devices, ChiSung Laih [ ppt ]

  • The Unwritten Stuff: The Case of the Dude, Anonymous (Kapali Viswanathan)

  • NESSIE: Status Overview, Bart van Rompay

  • Why DNA and Quantum Computers Can't Exist, Steve Meyer

  • New Physical Attacks and Security of Smart Card, Jaroslav Hruby [ doc | pdf ] [ Picture: doc | pdf ]