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TCC 2007:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Salil P. Vadhan (Ed.):
Fourth Theory of Cryptography Conference,
February 21-24, 2007
TCC 2007,

Sponsored by the International Association for Cryptologic Research
Organized in cooperation with the
Cryptology and Information Security Group at CWI, Amsterdam
Mathematical Institute, Leiden University
DIAMANT, the Dutch national mathematics cluster for discrete interactive and algorithmic algebra and number theory.

General Chair
Ronald Cramer

Program Chair
Salil P. Vadhan

Preface , by Salil P. Vadhan

Program Commitee
Mihir Bellare University of California, San Diego
Ran Canetti IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Ivan Damgård University of Aarhus
Cynthia Dwork Microsoft Research
Serge Fehr CWI Amsterdam
Yuval Ishai The Technion
Jonathan Katz University of Maryland
Rafael Pass MIT and Cornell University
Oded Regev Tel-Aviv University
Omer Reingold Weizmann Institute of Science
Ronen Shaltiel University of Haifa
Victor Shoup New York University
Yael Tauman Kalai MIT and Weizmann Institute of Science
Salil Vadhan (chair) Harvard University
Bogdan Warinschi INRIA-Lorraine

TCC Steering Committee
Mihir Bellare University of California, San Diego
Ivan Damgård University of Aarhus
Oded Goldreich (chair) Weizmann Institute of Science
Shafi Goldwasser MIT and Weizmann Institute of Science
Johan Håstad Royal Institute of Technology
Russell Impagliazzo University of California, San Diego
Ueli Maurer ETH Zürich
Silvio Micali Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Moni Naor Weizmann Institute of Science
Tatsuaki Okamoto NTT Laboratories

External reviewers

Encryption I

Universally Composable Security

Arguments and Zero Knowledge

Notions of Security


Secret Sharing and Multiparty Computation

Signatures and Watermarking

Private Approximation and Black-Box Reductions

Key Establishment

Encryption II

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