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17:55 [Job][New]Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellows in Cryptography (Early Stage Researchers - 2 posts), Royal Holloway, University of London[ expand ]

12:17 [Pub][ePrint]Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round SIMON, by Zhan Chen and Ning Wang and Xiaoyun Wang[ expand ]
12:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved Linear Trails for the Block Cipher Simon, by Tomer Ashur[ expand ]
12:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Note on Scalar Multiplication Using Division Polynomials, by Binglong~Chen, Chuangqiang~Hu and~Chang-An~Zhao[ expand ]
12:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fully-Dynamic Verifiable Zero-Knowledge Order Queries for Network Data, by Esha Ghosh and Michael T. Goodrich and Olga Ohrimenko and Roberto Tamassia[ expand ]

20:54 [Job][New]Internship – M.S./Ph.D. student in Computer Science or a closely related field, Bosch Research and Technology Center North America – 2835 East Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15203 USA[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Non-Interactive Secure Computation Based on Cut-and-Choose, by Arash Afshar and Payman Mohassel and Benny Pinkas and Ben Riva[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]From Statistical Zero Knowledge to Secret Sharing, by Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Feasibility and Infeasibility of Adaptively Secure Fully Homomorphic Encryption, by Jonathan Katz and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam and Hong-Sheng Zhou[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved Cryptanalysis of AES-like Permutations, by Jérémy Jean and Maria Naya-Plasencia and Thomas Peyrin[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Delegation of Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge in a Pairing-Friendly Setting, by Sébastien Canard and David Pointcheval and Olivier Sanders[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]One-Sided Device-Independent QKD and Position-based Cryptography from Monogamy Games, by Marco Tomamichel and Serge Fehr and J\\k{e}drzej Kaniewski and Stephanie Wehner[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]An Improvment of the Elliptic Net Algorithm, by Binglong Chen and Chang-An Zhao[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]MQ Challenge: Hardness Evaluation of Solving Multivariate Quadratic Problems, by Takanori Yasuda and Xavier Dahan and Yun-Ju Huang and Tsuyoshi Takagi and Kouichi Sakurai[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Low Depth Circuits for Efficient Homomorphic Sorting, by Gizem S. \\c{C}etin and Yark{\\i}n Dor\\\"{o}z and Berk Sunar and Erkay Sava\\c{s}[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Dual System Encryption via Predicate Encodings, by Hoeteck Wee[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Leakage-Flexible CCA-secure Public-Key Encryption: Simple Construction and Free of Pairing, by Baodong Qin and Shengli Liu[ expand ]
11:35 [Event][New]TCC 2016: Thirteenth Theory of Cryptography Conference[ expand ]
10:36 [News]Micali & Reyzin receive inaugural TCC Test-of-Time award[ expand ]
10:23 [News]Message from the IACR President[ expand ]

22:33 [Event][New]Fifteenth IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding[ expand ]

22:48 [Job][New]Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellows in Cryptography (Early Stage Researchers – 2 posts), NXP Semiconductors, Leuven, Belgium[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Toward Secure Implementation of McEliece Decryption, by Mariya Georgieva and Frédéric de Portzamparc[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fibonacci Ring Oscillators as True Random Number Generators - A Security Risk, by Markus Dichtl[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Ideal Multilinear Maps Based on Ideal Lattices, by Gu Chunsheng[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved Top-Down Techniques in Differential Cryptanalysis, by Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Masha Gutman and Adi Shamir[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]The Simplest Protocol for Oblivious Transfer, by Tung Chou and Claudio Orlandi[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]GRECS: Graph Encryption for Approximate Shortest Distance Queries, by Xianrui Meng and Seny Kamara and Kobbi Nissim and George Kollios[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Password Hashing Competition - Survey and Benchmark, by George Hatzivasilis and Ioannis Papaefstathiou and Charalampos Manifavas[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]BlindBox: Deep Packet Inspection over Encrypted Traffic, by Justine Sherry and Chang Lan and Raluca Ada Popa and Sylvia Ratnasamy[ expand ]
13:01 [Event][New]School on Computer-aided Cryptography[ expand ]

20:21 [Event][New]S3: SAC Summer School[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin\'s Peer-to-Peer Network, by Ethan Heilman. Alison Kendler, Aviv Zohar, Sharon Goldberg[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]A look at the PGP ecosystem through the key server data, by Hanno Böck[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Research Perspectives and Challenges for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, by Joseph Bonneau, Andrew Miler, Jeremy Clark, Arvind Narayanan, Joshua A. Kroll, Edward W. Felten[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Computational Aspects of Correlation Power Analysis, by Paul Bottinelli and Joppe W. Bos[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Exhausting Demirci-Selçuk Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks against Reduced-Round AES, by Patrick Derbez and Pierre-Alain Fouque[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Lightweight MDS Involution Matrices, by Siang Meng Sim and Khoongming Khoo and Fr\\\'ed\\\'erique Oggier and Thomas Peyrin[ expand ]

20:19 [Job][New]Visiting assistant professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati[ expand ]
20:18 [Job][New]Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellows in Cryptography (Early Stage Researchers – 2 posts), University of Bristol[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Quadratic Time, Linear Space Algorithms for Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and Gaussian Sampling in Structured Lattices, by Vadim Lyubashevsky and Thomas Prest[ expand ]
05:36 [Job][New]Ph.D. student, Rochester Institute of Technology[ expand ]

09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Cryptanalysis of Three Certificate-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols and a Secure Construction, by Yang Lu, Quanling Zhang, Jiguo Li[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]A comprehensive analysis of game-based ballot privacy definitions, by David Bernhard and Veronique Cortier and David Galindo and Olivier Pereira and Bogdan Warinschi[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Tornado Attack on RC4 with Applications to WEP \\& WPA, by Pouyan Sepehrdad and Petr Susil and Serge Vaudenay and Martin Vuagnoux[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Stability and Linearization of Multi-valued Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers, by Haiyan Wang , Dongdai Lin[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Linearization of Multi-valued Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers, by Haiyan Wang, Jianghua Zhong, Dongdai Lin[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]How to Construct UC-Secure Searchable Symmetric Encryption Scheme, by Kaoru Kurosawa and Yasuhiro Ohtaki[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Design and Analysis of Information-Theoretically Secure Authentication Codes with Non-Uniformly Random Keys, by Junji Shikata[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved (Hierarchical) Inner-Product Encryption from Lattices, by Keita Xagawa[ expand ]