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16:33 [Job][New]Ph.D. student or Post-Doc (cryptographic protocols and/or electronic voting), University of Trier, Germany[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Towards a Full-Featured Implementation of Attribute Based Credentials on Smart Cards, by Antonio de la Piedra, Jaap-Henk Hoepman, Pim Vullers[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Error-Tolerant Algebraic Side-Channel Attacks Using BEE, by Ling Song and Lei Hu and Siwei Sun and Zhang Zhang and Danping Shi and Ronglin Hao[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Unified Formalism for Physical Attacks, by Hélène Le Bouder , Ronan Lashermes , Yanis Linge , Bruno Robisson and Assia Tria[ expand ]

15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved Linear Cryptanalysis of Round Reduced SIMON, by Javad Alizadeh, Hoda A. Alkhzaimi, Mohammad Reza Aref, Nasour Bagheri, Praveen Gauravaram and Martin M. Lauridsen[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Remarks on the Cryptographic Primitive of Attribute-based Encryption, by Zhengjun Cao and Lihua Liu[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Counterexample to the Chain Rule for Conditional HILL Entropy, by Stephan Krenn and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Akshay Wadia and Daniel Wichs[ expand ]

18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Attacks in Stream Ciphers: A Survey, by Gustavo Banegas[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fully Collusion-Resistant Traceable Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Sub-linear Size Ciphertexts, by Zhen Liu and Zhenfu Cao and Duncan S. Wong[ expand ]
12:17 [Pub][ePrint]The Usage of Counter Revisited: Second-Preimage Attack on New Russian Standardized Hash Function, by Jian Guo and Jérémy Jean and Gaëtan Leurent and Thomas Peyrin and Lei Wang[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient RAM and control flow in verifiable outsourced computation, by Riad S. Wahby and Srinath Setty and Zuocheng Ren and Andrew J. Blumberg and Michael Walfish[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]How to Estimate the Success Rate of Higher-Order Side-Channel Attacks, by Victor Lomné, Emmanuel Prouff, Matthieu Rivain, Thomas Roche, Adrian Thillard[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Circuit ORAM: On Tightness of the Goldreich-Ostrovsky Lower Bound, by Xiao Shaun Wang and T-H. Hubert Chan and Elaine Shi[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]SCORAM: Oblivious RAM for Secure Computation, by Xiao Shaun Wang and Yan Huang and T-H. Hubert Chan and abhi shelat and Elaine Shi[ expand ]

02:53 [Event][New]8th International Conference on Cryptology Africacrypt 2015[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]DoubleMod and SingleMod: Simple Randomized Secret-Key Encryption with Bounded Homomorphicity, by Dhananjay S. Phatak, Qiang Tang, Alan T. Sherman, Warren D. Smith, Peter Ryan, Kostas Kalpakis[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the Communication Complexity of Secure Function Evaluation with Long Output, by Pavel Hubacek and Daniel Wichs[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fairness Versus Guaranteed Output Delivery in Secure Multiparty Computation, by Ran Cohen and Yehuda Lindell[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Cut-and-Choose Based Two-Party Computation in the Online/Offline and Batch Settings, by Yehuda Lindell and Ben Riva[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fully Secure Functional Encryption without Obfuscation, by Sanjam Garg and Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Mark Zhandry[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Orthogonal Direct Sum Masking: A Smartcard Friendly Computation Paradigm in a Code, with Builtin Protection against Side-Channel and Fault Attacks, by Julien Bringer and Claude Carlet and Hervé Chaba[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the Optimal Pre-Computation of Window $\\tau$NAF for Koblitz Curves, by William R. Trost and Guangwu Xu[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes and Their Applications, by Dana Dachman-Soled and Feng-Hao Liu and Elaine Shi and Hong-Sheng Zhou[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]Outsourced Pattern Matching, by Sebastian Faust and Carmit Hazay and Daniele Venturi[ expand ]
00:17 [Pub][ePrint]One-Round Deniable Key Exchange with Perfect Forward Security, by Weiqiang Wen and Libin Wang and Min Xie[ expand ]

20:13 [Job][New]Cryptography Engineer, CloudFlare Inc.[ expand ]
15:28 [Event][New]TOC2014: RISC Seminar on Theory of Cryptography[ expand ]

15:02 [Job][New]Post-Doc, LORIA-CNRS, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France[ expand ]
14:33 [Job][Update]Doctoral Researcher in the collaborative research center CROSSING, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the Security of `An Efficient Biometric Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks\', by Ashok Kumar Das[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Balanced permutations Even-Mansour ciphers, by Shoni Gilboa and Shay Gueron[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]The Multiple Number Field Sieve with Conjugation Method, by Cécile Pierrot[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Revocation in Publicly Verifiable Outsourced Computation, by James Alderman and Carlos Cid and Jason Crampton and Christian Janson[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Interactive Proofs under Continual Memory Leakage, by Prabhanjan Ananth and Vipul Goyal and Omkant Pandey[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the Primitivity of Trinomials over Small Finite Fields, by YUjuan Li and Jinhua Zhao and Huaifu Wang[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Class of FSRs and Their Adjacency Graphs, by Ming Li and Dongdai Lin[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the cycle decomposition of the WG-NLFSR, by YUjuan Li and Wnehua Shen and Huaifu Wang and Peipei Zhou[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Cryptanalytic Time-Memory-Data Tradeoffs for FX-Constructions with Applications to PRINCE and PRIDE, by Itai Dinur[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Pleco and Plectron -- Two Provably Secure Password Hashing Algorithms, by Bo Zhu and Xinxin Fan and Guang Gong[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Multi-Bit Differential Fault Analysis of Grain-128 with Very Weak Assumptions, by Prakash Dey and Abhishek Chakraborty and Avishek Adhikari and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Mersenne factorization factory, by Thorsten Kleinjung and Joppe W. Bos and Arjen K. Lenstra[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Dynamic Cube Attack on $105$ round Grain v1, by Subhadeep Banik[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]A note on CCA2-protected McEliece Cryptosystem with a systematic public key, by Pavol Zajac[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Round-Optimal Password-Protected Secret Sharing and T-PAKE in the Password-Only Model, by Stanislaw Jarecki and Aggelos Kiayias and Hugo Krawczyk[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]FPGA Trojans through Detecting and Weakening of Cryptographic Primitives, by Pawel Swierczynski and Marc Fyrbiak and Philipp Koppe and Christof Paar[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]An Equivalent Condition on the Switching Construction of Differentially 4-uniform Permutations on $\\gf_{2^{2k}}$ from the Inverse Function, by Xi Chen, Yazhi Deng, Min Zhu and Longjiang Qu[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Universally Composable Secure Group Communication, by TIAN Youliang, PENG Changgen[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]High-speed Polynomial Multiplication Architecture for Ring-LWE and SHE Cryptosystems, by Donald Donglong Chen and Nele Mentens and Frederik Vercauteren and Sujoy Sinha Roy and Ray C.C. Cheung and Dere[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Graded Multilinear Maps from Lattices, by Craig Gentry and Sergey Gorbunov and Shai Halevi[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Side Channel Attacks: Vulnerability Analysis of \\texttt{PRINCE} and \\texttt{RECTANGLE} using DPA, by Ravikumar Selvam and Dillibabu Shanmugam and Suganya Annadurai[ expand ]