International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR Conferences and Workshops

The IACR's primary activity each year is the organization of the three main cryptologic conferences, and four more specialist workshops. The IACR board selects the venue of the main conferences, from a number of candidate places, although the Crypto conference is always held in Santa Barbara. The IACR board also selects the two programme co-chairs. The determination of the scientific programme is then delegated to the programme co-chairs.

For each of the four workshops there is an individual steering committee which appoints programme chairs, and determines the location.



Meetings in Cooperation with IACR

IACR cooperates with other organizations for their workshops and conferences, all of which are listed here.

Map of Upcoming IACR Events

If you are organizing a future IACR event, you can submit it here. There is also a map showing the the events calendar including non-IACR events.