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18:17 [Pub][ePrint]ICEPOLE: High-speed, Hardware-oriented Authenticated Encryption, by Pawel Morawiecki and Kris Gaj and Ekawat Homsirikamol and Krystian Matusiewicz and Josef Pieprzyk and Marcin Rogawski and Marian Sre[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Dual System Groups and its Applications --- Compact HIBE and More, by Jie Chen and Hoeteck Wee[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Continuous After-the-fact Leakage-Resilient Key Exchange (full version), by Janaka Alawatugoda and Colin Boyd and Douglas Stebila[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Generic Scan Attack on Hardware based eStream Winners, by Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Differential Fault Analysis of MICKEY Family of Stream Ciphers, by Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fault Analysis of Grain Family of Stream Ciphers, by Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Locally Decodable Codes for edit distance, by Rafail Ostrovsky and Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Practical Complexity Cube Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak Sponge Function, by Itai Dinur and Pawel Morawiecki and Josef Pieprzyk and Marian Srebrny and Michal Straus[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]A realtime key recovery attack on the authenticated cipher FASER128, by Xiutao FENG and Fan ZHANG[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Handycipher: a Low-tech, Randomized, Symmetric-key Cryptosystem, by Bruce Kallick[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Private and Dynamic Time-Series Data Aggregation with Trust Relaxation, by Iraklis Leontiadis and Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Refik Molva[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Certification and Efficient Proofs of Committed Topology Graphs, by Thomas Gross[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Enhanced Lattice-Based Signatures on Reconfigurable Hardware, by Thomas P\\\"oppelmann and L{\\\'e}o Ducas and Tim G\\\"uneysu[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Practical and Secure Query Processing for Large-scale Encrypted Cloud Storage Systems, by Fangquan Cheng and Qian Wang and Kui Ren and Zhiyong Peng[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Making RSA-PSS Provably Secure Against Non-Random Faults, by Gilles Barthe and François Dupressoir and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benjamin Grégoire and Mehdi Tibouchi and Jean-Christophe Zapalowicz[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Forgery on Stateless CMCC, by Guy Barwell[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Cryptanalysis of the MORE symmetric key fully homomorphic encryption scheme, by Boaz Tsaban and Noam Lifshitz[ expand ]
18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Linear Extension Cube Attack on Stream Ciphers, by Liren Ding, Yongjuan Wang, Zhufeng Li[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Fine grain Cross-VM Attacks on Xen and VMware are possible!, by Gorka Irazoqui Apecechea and Mehmet Sinan Inci and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar[ expand ]
15:17 [Pub][ePrint]Introducing Fault Tolerance into Threshold Password-Authenticated Key Exchange, by Ivan Pryvalov and Aniket Kate[ expand ]
03:07 [Event][New]ISC '14: Information Security Conference[ expand ]

09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Security Analysis of an Identity-Based Strongly Unforgeable Signature Scheme, by Kwangsu Lee and Dong Hoon Lee[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]A practical state recovery attack on the stream cipher Sablier v1, by Xiutao FENG and Fan ZHANG[ expand ]
06:17 [Pub][ePrint]bitcoin.BitMint: Reconciling Bitcoin with Central Banks, by Gideon Samid[ expand ]
06:17 [Pub][ePrint]Key Derivation From Noisy Sources With More Errors Than Entropy, by Ran Canetti and Benjamin Fuller and Omer Paneth and Leonid Reyzin[ expand ]
06:17 [Pub][ePrint]Zero-Knowledge Password Policy Checks and Verifier-Based PAKE, by Franziskus Kiefer and Mark Manulis[ expand ]
06:17 [Pub][ePrint]A New Way to Prevent UKS Attacks Using Trusted Computing, by Qianying Zhang and Shijun Zhao and Dengguo Feng[ expand ]

05:24 [Event][New]LightSEC 2014: Third International Workshop on Lightweight Cryptography[ expand ]

09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Automatic Proofs of Privacy of Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols Against Active Adversaries, by Martin Pettai and Peeter Laud[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Logical Reasoning to Detect Weaknesses About SHA-1 and MD4/5, by Florian Legendre and Gilles Dequen and Michaël Krajecki[ expand ]

12:01 [Conf]Proceedings PKC 2014 online[ expand ]
11:07 [Event][New]SCN 2014: 9th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks[ expand ]
11:06 [Event][New]Indocrypt: 15th International Conference on Cryptology, Indocrypt[ expand ]
06:19 [Job][New]PhD Student, PhD positions at CTIC, Aarhus University, Denmark, Northern Europe[ expand ]
06:19 [Job][New]Ph.D. Scholarship in Computer Science (3 years full time), University of Wollongong, Australia[ expand ]

21:17 [Pub][ePrint]High Parallel Complexity Graphs and Memory-Hard Functions, by Joel Alwen and Vladimir Serbinenko[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]SIMON Says, Break the Area Records for Symmetric Key Block Ciphers on FPGAs, by Aydin Aysu and Ege Gulcan and Patrick Schaumont[ expand ]

14:46 [Job][New]PhD scholarship, University of Auckland, New Zealand[ expand ]

15:05 [Event][New]M2MSec'14: First International Workshop on Security and Privacy in M2M Communications[ expand ]
10:55 [Job][New]Researcher in Boolean Functions, Reliable Communication Group, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway[ expand ]

18:17 [Pub][ePrint]Linear Sequential Circuit Approximation of Acterbahn Stream Cipher, by Shazia Afreen[ expand ]

15:32 [Job][New]Doctoral Student, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany[ expand ]

17:11 [Event][New]LightSEC 2014: Third International Workshop on Lightweight Cryptography[ expand ]
17:10 [Event][New]Workshop on Security and Privacy for Smart Connected Devices 2014[ expand ]

09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Fuzzy Search on Encrypted Data, by Alexandra Boldyreva and Nathan Chenette[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Enhancing Oblivious RAM Performance Using Dynamic Prefetching, by Xiangyao Yu and Ling Ren and Christopher Fletcher and Albert Kwon and Marten van Dijk and Srinivas Devadas[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Toward Practical Homomorphic Evaluation of Block Ciphers Using Prince, by Yark{\\i}n Dor\\\"{o}z, Aria Shahverdi, Thomas Eisenbarth, and Berk Sunar[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Bandwidth Efficient PIR from NTRU, by Yark{\\i}n Dor\\\"{o}z, Berk Sunar and Ghaith Hammouri[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Self-Updatable Encryption with Short Public Parameters and Its Extensions, by Kwangsu Lee[ expand ]
09:17 [Pub][ePrint]Isogeny graphs with maximal real multiplication, by Sorina Ionica and Emmanuel Thomé[ expand ]