TCC 2016-A: Travel Information

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Travel from Ben-Gurion Airport

Train: There are trains leaving from the airport to central Tel Aviv. Note that during the Sabbath there is no public transportation (Friday 14:30- Saturday 18:45)
We advise you to get off at Tel Aviv-Savidor Station. Outside of the train station there's a main bus terminal where you will be able to find a bus heading to your needed direction. The train station is located on Level S (the lowest floor) and can be accessed from Greeters Hall via elevators, escalators or stairs. Tickets may be purchased from automatic machines located on Level G.
Link to Israel Railways site

Taxi: The taxi service is provided under the supervision of the Israel Airport Authority, and the companies operate under licence granted. Thereby passengers are recommended to avoid the use of non-authorized taxi services for journeys from Ben Gurion Airport . The taxi station and dispatcher post are located in front of the Terminal, on Level G, near the exit through Gate 01.

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Visa Information: For all needed information about a B/2 visa, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site