Call for papers


Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

12:30 Registration

13:50 Opening

14:00 Encryption I (Session chair: Duong Hieu Phan)

Simple and Efficient Public-Key Encryption from Computational Diffie-Hellman in the Standard Model

Kristiyan Haralambiev, Tibor Jager, Eike Kiltz, and Victor Shoup

Constant Size Ciphertexts in Threshold Attribute-Based Encryption

Javier Herranz, Fabien Laguillaumie, and Carla Ràfols

14:50 Cryptanalysis (Session chair: Jean-Sébastien Coron)

Algebraic Cryptanalysis of the PKC'2009 Algebraic Surface Cryptosystem

Jean-Charles Faugère and Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer

Maximizing Small Root Bounds by Linearization and Applications to Small Secret Exponent RSA

Mathias Herrmann and Alexander May

Implicit Factoring with Shared Most Significant and Middle Bits

Jean-Charles Faugère, Raphaël Marinier, and Guénaël Renault

16:05 Break

16:25 Protocols I (Session chair: Ivan Visconti)

On the Feasibility of Consistent Computations

Sven Laur and Helger Lipmaa

Multi-Query Computationally-Private Information Retrieval with Constant Communication Rate

Jens Groth and Aggelos Kiayias, and Helger Lipmaa

Further Observations on Optimistic Fair Exchange Protocols in the Multi-user Setting

Wei Wu, Xinyi Huang, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, and Yang Xiang

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

09:00 Invited Talk I (Session chair: David Pointcheval)

Mathematics, Cryptography, Security

Jacques Stern

10:00 Network Coding (Session chair: Mark Manulis)

Secure Network Coding Over the Integers

Rosario Gennaro, Jonathan Katz, Hugo Krawczyk, and Tal Rabin

Preventing Pollution Attacks in Multi-Source Network Coding

Shweta Agrawal, Dan Boneh, Xavier Boyen, and David Mandell Freeman

10:50 Break

11:10 Tools (Session chair: Eike Kiltz)

Groth-Sahai Proofs Revisited

Essam Ghadafi, Nigel P. Smart, and Bogdan Warinschi

Constant-Round Concurrent Non-Malleable Statistically Binding Commitments and Decommitments

Zhenfu Cao, Ivan Visconti, and Zongyang Zhang

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Elliptic Curves (Session chair: Damien Vergnaud)

Faster Squaring in the Cyclotomic Subgroup of Sixth Degree Extensions

Robert Granger and Michael Scott

Faster Pairing Computations on Curves with High-Degree Twists

Craig Costello, Tanja Lange, and Michael Naehrig

Efficient arithmetic on Hessian curves

Reza Rezaeian Farashahi and Marc Joye

15:15 Break

15:35 Lossy Trapdoor Functions (Session chair: Vadim Lyubashevsky)

CCA Proxy Re-Encryption without Bilinear Maps in the Standard Model

Toshihide Matsuda, Ryo Nishimaki, and Keisuke Tanaka

More Constructions of Lossy and Correlation-Secure Trapdoor Functions

David Mandell Freeman, Oded Goldreich, Eike Kiltz, Alon Rosen, and Gil Segev

Chosen-Ciphertext Security from Slightly Lossy Trapdoor Functions (Best Paper Award)

Petros Mol and Scott Yilek

19:00 Gala Dinner

Friday, May 28th, 2010

09:00 Invited Talk II (Session chair: Phong Nguyen)

Duality in Lattice Based Cryptography

Daniele Micciancio

10:00 Protocols II (Session chair: Bogdan Warinschi)

Efficient Set Operations in the Presence of Malicious Adversaries

Carmit Hazay and Kobbi Nissim

Text Search Protocols with Simulation Based Security

Rosario Gennaro, Carmit Hazay, and Jeffrey S. Sorensen

10:50 Break

11:10 Discrete Logarithm (Session chair: Martijn Stam)

Solving a 676-bit Discrete Logarithm Problem in GF(3^6n)

Takuya Hayashi, Naoyuki Shinohara, Lihua Wang, Shin'ichiro Matsuo, Masaaki Shirase, and Tsuyoshi Takagi

Using Equivalence Classes to Accelerate Solving the Discrete Logarithm Problem in a Short Interval

Steven Galbraith and Raminder Ruprai

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Encryption II (Session chair: Eiichiro Fujisaki)

Functional Encryption for Inner Product: Achieving Constant-Size Ciphertexts with Adaptive Security or Support for Negation

Nuttapong Attrapadung and Benoît Libert

Security of Encryption Schemes in the Weakened Random Oracle Models

Akinori Kawachi, Akira Numayama, Keisuke Tanaka, and Keita Xagawa

Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Relatively Small Key and Ciphertext Sizes

Nigel P. Smart and Frederik Vercauteren

15:15 Break

15:35 Signatures (Session chair: Benoît Libert)

Unlinkability of Sanitizable Signatures

Christina Brzuska, Marc Fischlin, Anja Lehmann, and Dominique Schröder

Confidential Signatures and Deterministic Signcryption

Alexander W. Dent, Marc Fischlin, Mark Manulis, Dominique Schröder, and Martijn Stam

Identity-Based Multi-Signatures and Aggregate Signatures based on RSA

Ali Bagherzandi and Stanislaw Jarecki

Lattice Mixing and Vanishing Trapdoors : A Framework for Fully Secure Short Signatures and more

Xavier Boyen

17:30 Cocktail



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