Rump Session

Download the program in [pdf] format!!

Like previous years, Fast Software Encryption 2010 is going to hold a rump session,
designated for the announcement of new (and exciting) results. The rump session
will be held on Tuesday, February 9th, 16:00-17:30.

Authors who wish to present their results in the rump session are kindly requested to send an email to the rump session chair (Orr Dunkelman) at Please state the list of authors, the title of the contribution, the nature of the result (a short abstract), and the amount of time requested (between 1 and 7 minutes). You can also hand in to Orr a piece of paper containing this information at the venue itself until Tuesday, February 9th, 10:00, Korean standard time.

The program of the rump session will be announced on this website an hour before its start.

Download the video recording of a rump session in here.

Tuesday 9, February 2010

16:00-16:03 Opening    [Slide]
Orr Dunkelman

16:03-16:10 The International Association for Cryptologic Research    [Slide]
Bart Preneel
16:10-16:12 CFP of IWSEC 2010    [Slide]
Shoichi Hirose
16:12-16:13 CFP of Pairing 2010    [Slide]
Shoichi Hirose
16:13-16:15 Africacrypt 2010    [Slide]
Riaal Domingues
Technical Results
16:15-16:21 Related-Key Boomerang Attack on Block Cipher SQUARE    [Slide]
Bonwook Koo, Yongjin Yeom, and Junghwan Song
16:21-16:26 Improved Cryptanalysis of ECHO and Grøstl    [Slide]
Thomas Peyrin
16:26-16:32 Pseudo-preimage attack against SHAvite-3 compression function    [Slide]
Praveen Gauravaram, Gaëtan Leurent, Florian Mendel, María Naya-Plasencia, Thomas Peyrin, Christian Rechberger, and Martin Schläffer
16:32-16:34 Solving Multivariate Polynomial Systems    [Slide]
Tony Chou, Kevin Chen, Charles Bouillaguet, Bo-Yin Yang, Chen-Mou Cheng, and Ruben Niederhagen
16:34-16:41 What price a provably secure stream cipher?    [Slide]
Ming-Shing Chen, Tien-Ren Chen, Chen-Mou Cheng, Ruben Niederhagen, Chun-Hung Hsiao, and Bo-Yin Yang
16:41-16:47 Low Data Complexity Attacks on AES    [Slide]
Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller