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A Professional Reference and Interactive Tutorial

by Henk C.A. van Tilborg,
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-8675-2
November 1999, 512 pp.
NLG 375.00 / USD 160.00 / GBP 110.50
Special Cource Adoption Price: NLG 200/ USD 89.95/ GBP 59.00
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The protection of sensitive information against unauthorized access or fraudulent changes has been of prime concern throughout the centuries. Modern communication techniques, using computers connected through networks, make all data even more vulnerable to these threats. In addition, new issues have surfaced that did not exist previously, e.g. adding a signature to an electronic document.

Cryptology addresses the above issues - it is at the foundation of all information security. The techniques employed to this end have become increasingly mathematical in nature. Fundamentals of Cryptology serves as an introduction to modern cryptographic methods. After a brief survey of classical cryptosystems, it concentrates on three main areas. First, stream ciphers and block ciphers are discussed. These systems have extremely fast implementations, but sender and receiver must share a secret key. Second, the book presents public key cryptosystems, which make it possible to protect data without a prearranged key. Their security is based on intractable mathematical problems, such as the factorization of large numbers. The remaining chapters cover a variety of topics, including zero-knowledge proofs, secret sharing schemes and authentication codes. Two appendices explain all mathematical prerequisites in detail: one presents elementary number theory (Euclid's Algorithm, the Chinese Remainder Theorem, quadratic residues, inversion formulas, and continued fractions) and the other introduces finite fields and their algebraic structure.

Fundamentals of Cryptology is an updated and improved version of An Introduction to Cryptology, originally published in 1988. Apart from a revision of the existing material, there are many new sections, and two new chapters on elliptic curves and authentication codes, respectively. In addition, the book is accompanied by a full text electronic version on CD-ROM as an interactive Mathematica manuscript.

Fundamentals of Cryptology will be of interest to computer scientists, mathematicians, and researchers, students, and practitioners in the area of cryptography.

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The National Security Agency (NSA) has recently released thousands of previously highly sensitive and classified documents, one of which is the present book, VATICAN CODE SYSTEMS. It is astonishing that the U.S. Government now admits and documents the "breaking" and reading of the codes of friendly governments. It also appears that few, if any, of the released documents were vetted or sanitized. Further, it is believed likely that the release of these many documents was not approved or coordinated with other agencies, such as the State Department, or even with legal officials. For example, the documents include the names and home addresses of hundreds of persons involved with code-breaking and intelligence, thus certainly violating their "right of privacy." A listing of all released documents is provided in C-83, NSA CRYPTOLOGIC DOCUMENTS.

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