Important: Starting 2018, nominations for IACR fellows are now due November 15 .


Fellows-Selection Committee


As a nominator, you are responsible for preparing the nomination letter and contacting between four and eight endorsers. You are responsible for following-up with the endorsers to make sure they have sent in their letters.

Each candidate for the position of Fellow must be a member of the IACR—either for the calendar year in which the induction of the prospective Fellow takes place, or the immediately preceding year (typically the year in which the nomination is made). The nominator must be either an IACR Fellow or an IACR member (with membership determined as for candidates). At least one of the endorsers must be an IACR Fellow or member (with membership determined as for candidates). You can verify membership status by corresponding with .

The IACR Fellow classification recognizes unusual distinction in the profession. The title shall be conferred upon a person with extraordinary qualifications and experience who has made important technical and/or professional contributions to the art and sciences of cryptological research. Further information is available here .

You must email your nomination to the address given above by November 15 for consideration in the following calendar year. Nominations should be in pdf. Your nomination should consist of answers to the following seven questions:

  1. Name of candidate
    Candidate’s current affiliation and title.
    Candidate’s business address (include State/Province, Zip/Postal Code and Country).
    Candidate’s email address and telephone number.
    Nominator’s relationship to the candidate.

  2. Summary of candidate’s accomplishments in the form of a proposed citation of 25 words or fewer.

  3. Candidate’s education.
    List highest degree first. Include educational institution, location, degree, major discipline, and year.

  4. Candidate’s professional experience
    List current position first. If necessary, cite only most recent positions. Specify year-to-year name of organization, and position held.

  5. Candidate’s accomplishments.
    Identify the most important contributions that qualify the candidate for the rank of IACR Fellow according to the following two categories:
    (A) Technical achievements in cryptology.
    (B) Outstanding service to IACR and the cryptologic-research community.
    Please limit your remarks to at most three pages.

  6. Nominator:
    Your name.
    Your postal address (include State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, and Country).
    Your email address and telephone number.

  7. Endorsers: List the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of endorsers you will contact. A minimum of four and a maximum of eight endorsers are required. At least one endorser must be an IACR member (with membership determined as for candidates). When contacting endorsers please direct them to the instructions for endorsement .