Important: Starting 2018, nominations for IACR fellows are now due November 15 ..

Fellows-Selection Committee

INSTRUCTIONS: As an endorser, your detailed comments on the candidate are appreciated. Those comments should not be a repetition of the nomination. Please be specific about the individual’s contributions, but please limit your remarks to at most two pages.

The IACR Fellow classification recognizes unusual distinction in the profession. The title shall be conferred upon a person with extraordinary qualifications and experience who has made important technical and/or professional contributions to the art and sciences of cryptological research. Further information is available here .

Your letter should answer the following: Considering those accomplishments of the candidate that you feel competent to judge, please indicate whether or not this candidate meets the requirements for an IACR Fellow. What specifically makes those accomplishments outstanding?

Your endorsement must be sent by email to the address given above. It must be received by November 15 for consideration in the following calendar year. Endorsements should be in pdf.

The nominator and the Fellows-Selection Committee thank you for your time.