IACR Board Meeting on E-Voting

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Santa Babara, CA, USA

The IACR board is debating a proposal to replace the current mail-based system that is used by the IACR for its internal elections with a cryptographic e-voting system. In connection with this debate, the IACR board published in the Spring of 2008 a call for presentations and demos of e-voting systems.

In response to this call, the board heard eight presentations on various systems. These presentations are listed below, in the order they were given.

Antoine Joux: Voting for IACR: Some Low-Tech Options .

Kazue Sako: SVIS .

Ben Adida: Helios . See more information at the Helios web page .

Michael Clarkson: Civitas . See more information at the Civitas web page .

Aggelos Kiayiasand (and Michael J. Korman): Adder .

Filip Zagorski (and Mirek Kutylowski): Scratch, Click & Vote . See also the white paper .

James Heather (and Peter Ryan): EasiestElection . See more information at the EasiestElection.com web page .

Stefan Popoveniuc (and David Chaum): Punchscan . See more information at the Punchscan web page