International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 2012 Election


The 2012 election was held October 1 through November 15 to fill three of nine IACR Director positions. In total, 518 of 1530 voters have cast their vote (approx. 33.9%). The result is:

  • Anna Lysyanskaya: 270
  • Michel Abdalla: 242
  • Thomas Berson: 226
  • Thomas Peyrin: 166
  • Xavier Boyen: 157
The people marked in bold are elected directors during from January 2013 until December 2015. There is also a verifyable tally.

Independent verification

You can use an independent
verifier written by Tom Roeder at Microsoft Research to validate individual audited ballots and check all the ballots that have been cast.

Election of Directors

The three directors whose terms are expiring are

  • Thomas Berson
  • David Naccache
  • Serge Vaudenay

Election Committee

  • Josh Benaloh (Chair)
  • David Pointcheval (Returning Officer)
  • Greg Rose
Further important information:
  • Election Fingerprint: DnOzE1vNIWhG/P3fujhFqQk0oN3zGRyme3jqrEsk7C8
  • Trustee #1: Greg Rose
    Public Key Fingerprint: 5l3mcSPtPkGrYSKbQPpzEdQxDm5OOhF4pd5FxPkmyl0
  • Trustee #2: Josh Benaloh
    Public Key Fingerprint: 3Cp4Gx0KagMOs2iPmo4gugsLsY4flVsoaxUqXSrwpLM
  • Trustee #3: David Pointcheval
    Public Key Fingerprint: Xb1DyNIYdK1axhxU3Loaiy2KCm21OHednrJ+1xc6Z3M

This year, the election will be conducted electronically from October 1 through November 15 using the Helios cryptographically-verifiable election system.

See for a brief overview of how the Helios system works.

See for information on the IACR decision to adopt Helios. The IACR membership meeting has adopted the following motion regarding eVoting.

How To Vote

2012 members of the IACR (generally people who attended an IACR conference or workshop in 2011) should have received a customized invitation to vote from system (at), with a subject line "IACR 2012 Election - Link and Credentials", sent to their email address of record with the IACR. (Members may update their email addresses and other information by visiting

That email message contains the Election URL:, the Election Fingerprint: DnOzE1vNIWhG/P3fujhFqQk0oN3zGRyme3jqrEsk7C8, and in addition a username and password for voting in the elections. (Please notice that the system will only ask for your username and password at the end of the voting process, after you entered all your choices.) Questions about this election may be sent to election2012 (at)

Candidates for Election in 2012

  • Thomas Peyrin
    I am really attached to the IACR and know its important role in promoting cryptography research. I've participated to several IACR PCs and will serve as co-GC of FSE'13. I will work on maintaining the high standards of IACR events and ensure the concerns of all cryptography sub-communities are considered.

  • Anna Lysyanskaya
    Statement: The IACR is my home research community, and I'd like to give back. My priorities are: (1) High quality research and its effective dissemination, (2) mentoring, (3) dialogue with related research communities, industry, standards and funding agencies.

  • Thomas Berson
    I have served the IACR since 1983 as Secretary, Treasurer, President, and Director. During that time we created conferences, workshops, literature, and community. Our present challenges include balance and tolerance in our evolving community. I know where we have been; I know where we are going. Please vote for me.

  • Michel Abdalla
    As an IACR member for more than a decade, I seek the opportunity to serve the community as a director. If elected, I'd like to help improve existing services provided by IACR, offer new services such as the organization of schools in cryptology, and promote worldwide dissemination of cryptologic research.

  • Xavier Boyen
    In gratitude for my decade in this vibrant community, my stewardship would, inter alia, promulgate open scholarly dissemination, facilitate balanced global outreach and participation, and explore mutually beneficial cross-community partnerships -- progressing carefully, always honoring the continuity of traditions that define us. Best decisions are consensual through meeting of the minds.