Should the IACR use e-voting for its elections?

(Sept-27-2010): The final report of the eVoting Committee is now available .
(EC'10 & CR'10): The membership meeting adopted the following motion for Helios:
The IACR adopts the Helios remote e-voting system for future IACR elections (including 2010). At the same time, the IACR clearly publishes a statement that its use of this system does not constitute an endorsement of this or other remote-voting systems for public-sector elections.
(June-1-2010): A report that summarizes the election demo experiment is now available .

Since 2007, the IACR board has been debating a proposal to replace the current mail-based system that is used by the IACR for its internal elections with a cryptographic e-voting system:

The 2010 IACR demo election

Since the Punchscan team declined to set up a live demo for the IACR membership, we currently have a demo election only for the Helios system. We invite the entire IACR membership to take part in this demo election off of this link and to send us their comments to . For this demo elections, Josh Benaloh, Stuart Haber, and Shai Halevi play the role of the election committee (which means in particular that they are the three trustees whose secret keys will be used to decrypt the results at the end of the election).

The ballot questions in this demo election were chosen to provide the board also with a straw poll about several issues under discussion, having to do with the move to electronic voting and the IACR publication policy. We stress that this is only a straw poll and the results of this vote will NOT be interpreted as formal approval or rejection by the IACR membership.