EuroCrypt 2012

what to do in a pub/restaurant

There are several clues as to whether you are in a pub or a restaurant: pubs tend to have a sign including an illustration of the pub name and a name like ‘The Fox and Hounds’ or ‘The Queen’s Arms’. Restaurant signs commonly provide information about the sort of food they serve and if there is a menu on the wall outside it is probably a restaurant. Both pubs and restaurants will have a bar, however only a pub will have bar stools, low tables or sofas.

On arriving at a pub you are expected to find a seat by yourself, whereas at a restaurant you will probably be offered a seat by a waiter or waitress. To order in a pub, you should head to the bar and place your order with the bar staff. In a restaurant a waiter/waitress will come to your table to take your order. If you order at the bar you should expect to pay at the bar, if you order from your table, you should ask for the bill at the end of your meal and the waiter/waitress will bring it to your table. At the end of the evening in a pub, a bell will be rung twice (approx. 20mins apart): the first is for ‘last orders’ which is your last chance to order another drink, the second represents the end of ‘drinking up time’ and is your cue to leave the pub.

It is uncommon to tip the staff in a pub (should you wish to, add ‘and one for yourself’ to the end of your drinks order) however in a restaurant a tip of 10% is fairly standard unless the service is particularly poor. For large groups in restaurants a tip would be expected and in some cases will be added on to the bill as a service charge.


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