EuroCrypt 2012


The excursion for Eurocrypt 2012 will be held on the Thursday afternoon and evening following the conference. We will be travelling to Bletchley Park, the home of the war time codebreaking effort.

The park is the home to:

At the park you can see:

  • A working replica of the worlds first digital computer, the Colossus.
  • A working replica of the Turing-Welchman Bombe.
  • Alan Turing's office.
  • Various ciphers including Enigma machines and Lorenz (Tunny) ciphers.
  • A working Eliot 803B and ICL 2966.
  • The worlds first computer centre.

We expect the excursion will leave by coach from Robinson College at 13:00 on the 19th April and will return at approximately 19:30 to Robinson College. The cost per person will be £ 20, which includes the coach journey, entrance into Bletchley Park and a special reception whilst at the Park. This great value has only been made possible by a generous donation to the organizers.

Tickets, of which are limited to 200 in total, can be purchased the following site:

Tickets available at registration desk only now.
If you wish to leave direct for London after the excursion then it may be preferable to get a direct train to London from Bletchley Park, rather than return to Cambridge. The train station is directly outside the park gates (basically a five minute walk from the mansion to the station). Trains run every half hour to London Euston and the journey takes 55 minutes. We expect the tours and reception to be completed by 17.30/18.00.

The entrance fees for the trip to Bletchley Park for participants have been kindly donated by Greg Rose and Paul Kocher. If you too would like to make a donation to support the internationally important conservation work please donate via...


general chair:

Nigel Smart
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United Kingdom
program chairs:

David Pointcheval
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Thomas Johansson
Lund University
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