Eurocrypt 2008 Videos

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Rump Session Videos

Video Opening Remarks, Kenny Paterson
Video Machine Telepathy Julien Brouchier, Tom Kean, Carl Marsh, David Naccache
Video Another Talk on Breaking Funny South African Ciphers from the 1980s Christof Paar
Video PresentationPaper Binary Edwards curves D.J. Bernstein, T. Lange, R.Rezaeian Farashahi
Video Paper A Unified Framework for the Analysis of Side-Channel Key-Recovery Attacks F.-X Standaert, T. Malkin, M. Yung
Video Threshold Cryptography with Asmuth-Bloom Secret Sharing Kamer Kaya, Ali Aydin Selçuk
Video PresentationPaper Gröbner Bases In Public Key Cryptography: Hope Never Dies M. Caboara, F. Caruso, C. Traverso
Video Some Feistel ciphers and two wreath products of symmetric groups Marina Pudovkina
Video More Efficient Reconstruction of RC4 Keys from the Internal State Mete Akgün, Pinar Kavak, Hüseyin Demirci
Video Paper Algebraic Attacks on MiFare RFID Chips Nicolas Courtois, Karsten Nohl, Sean O'Neil
Video Sliding Sponges Michael Gorski, Stephan Lucks, Thomas Peyrin
Video PresentationPaper "Twenty Four" Sebastiaan Indesteege, Florian Mendel, Bart Preneel, Christian Rechberger
Video Non-randomness of 39-step SHA-256 Hongbo Yu, Xiaoyun Wang
Video A MITM Attack Against HB# Khaled Ouafi, Raphael Overbeck, Serge Vaudenay
Video Paper Selective Decommitments Dennis Hofheinz
Video Non-black-box Techniques Are Not Necessary for O(1)-Round Non Malleable Protocols Omkant Pandey
Video Efficient Optimistic Fair Exchange with Privacy Alptekin Küpçü, Anna Lysyanskaya
Video Concurrent Zero Knowledge: Simplifications and Generalizations Rafael Pass, Dustin Tseng, Murthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
Video Site Eurocrypt 2009 Alexander May
Video Site International School on Mathematical Cryptology 2008
Video Site SAC in Sackville Francesco Sica
Video Site ICITS 2008, 2nd International conference on Information Theoretic Security Rei Safavi-Naini
Video Site SCN 2008, Sixth Conference on Security and Cryptograph for Networks Rafail Ostrovsky
Video Site The eSTREAM Portfolio Bart Preneel
Video Site Moore's Law and Publishing Ross Anderson
Video Paper Sound and Fine-grain Specification of Cryptographic Tasks Juan A. Garay
Video An interesting result without any cryptological implications Claus Diem
Video The Traveling Cryptographer's Problem
(best rump presentation award)
James Birkett, Gaven Watson
Video Eurocrypt 2008 - Some Statistics Nigel Smart

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