Eurocrypt 2002 home page
Amsterdam,  April 28 - May 2, 2002



Rump session Chair: Henk van Tilborg
Queensday, April 30, 2002
19:45 Bar open
20:00-21:05 "Juliana, Regina Mater" Part
20:00-20:05 Opening
Henk van Tilborg
20:05-20:11 Integer factorization circus
Arjen Lenstra
20:11-20:20 Genetic cryptanalysis of a neural cryptosystem
Alexander Klimov, Anton Mityagin, Adi Shamir
20:20-20:26 Statistical weaknesses in the alleged RC-4 key stream generator (presented by Anatoli Lebedev)
Marina Pudovkina
20:26-20:32 Modified parameter attacks: practical attacks against CCA2-secure cryptosystems and countermeasures
Nick Howgrave-Graham, Joe Silverman, Ari Singer, William Whyte
20:32-20:35 Marie-Curie Ph.D. Student Exchange Programme at BRICS, Aarhus University
Ronald Cramer
20:35-20:41 Another attack on A5/1
Patrick Ekdahl, Thomas Johansson
20:41-20:47 In how many ways can you write Rijndael
Elad Barkan, Eli Biham
20:47-20:53 Secure, efficient and processor-optimal strong consensus
Matthias Fitzi, Juan Garay
20:53-20:56 Call for algorithms Security in Storage Workgroup (IEEE Information Assurance Standard Group)
Jim Hughes
20:56-21:05 Information-theoretic key agreement and quantum phenomena
Renato Renner
21:05-21:25 "Prince Willem-Alexander" Break
21:25-22:43 "Queen Beatrix" Part
21:25-21:31 NTRUSign: an update
J. Hoffstein, N. Howgrave-Graham, J. Pipher, J. Silverman, W. Whyte
21:31-21:35 Efficient and non-malleable proofs of plaintext knowledge and applications
Jonathan Katz
21:35-21:41 Sliding SHA-1
Markku-Juhani Saarinen
21:41-21:46 Visual cryptography
P. Tuyls, M. van Dijk, T. Kevenaar, G.-J. Schrijen
21:46-21:54 Votopia is ready to serve
Kwangjo Kim, Hyunrok Lee, Jongsung Kim, Wooseok Ham, Myungsun Kim, Jinho Kim et al.
21:54-21:59 Secure intrusion-tolerant replication on the internet
Christian Cachin, Jonathan Poritz
21:59-22:05 GQ + GPS = new ideas + new protocols
Marc Girault, Jean-Jacques Quisquater
22:05-22:10 The Nessie Project: a status report
Bart Preneel
22:10-22:19 "Gummy" fingers
Tsutomu Matsumoto
22:19-22:24 An algebraic formulation of quantum cryptography
Pim Tuyls
22:24-22:27 Combining the strength of Grantham's test with the speed of Miller's
Jurjen Bos
22:27-22:32 Explicit bounds in the GLV method: the elliptic and hyperelliptic cases
Francesco Sica
22:32-22:35 Call for papers for the "Public Key Cryptography Workshop" and for the " Scientific Aspects of Cyber Terrorism Workshop"
Yvo Desmedt
22:35-22:38 Authenticated multi-party key agreement in constant rounds
Jonathan Katz, Moti Yung
22:38-22:43 On the bit security of NTRU Encrypt
Mats Näslund, Igor Shparlinski, William Whyte
23:00 Bar closed