Eurocrypt 2000

Bruges (Brugge), Belgium, May 14-18, 2000
Extra social and spouse programme

Sunday 14 May: an introduction to Bruges

10:00-12:00 Incomparable Bruges
The historical heart of Bruges, a unique experience. The best walking tour for a first exploration of the city. You will see a number of places of interest such as the Beguinage, the Lake of Love, the Church of Our Lady, Burg and Markt.
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 400 BEF/10 EUR

14:00-16:00 Popular Bruges
A discovery of hidden treasures in a picturesque area: St-Anne's Church, Jerusalem Church and Lace Centre, Folklore Museum, Guido Gezelle Museum, the centuries-old-archers' guild and the windmills on the city ramparts.
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 400 BEF/10 EUR

Monday 15 May

13:30-17:00 Burgundian Bruges and the Flemish Painting School (Flemish Primitives)
Guided city walk in '15th century Bruges', coffee break and a visit to the Groeninge Museum (a.o. with paintings of Jan Van Eyck and Hans Memling)
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 750 BEF/18,60 EUR (coffee break not incl.)

13:30-17:00 Bruges and Lace
Visit to the Arentshuis (permanent lace exhibition in Bruges), coffee break, visit to the Lace Centre with a demonstration by Brugean lace-makers.
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 660 BEF/16,36 EUR (coffee break not incl.)

Tuesday 16 May: Theme Walks and Museums

10:00-12:00 Walk along the Almshouses of Bruges
14th century communal houses which were built by the guilds for their members and their widows or as charity for the poor.
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 400 BEF/10 EUR

10:00-12:00 Women's Walk
Central theme is the social position of women in the city.
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 400 BEF/10 EUR

14:00-16:00 Gruuthuse Museum
Located in the former palace of the Lords of Gruuthuse, this museum contains a most varied collection of decorative art. A large collection of sculptures, Brugean tapestries, furniture, silverware, ceramics and coins is displayed. The magnificent interior will take you back to the late Middle Ages.
Min. 10 persons. Price per person: 420 BEF/10,40 EUR

Wednesday 17 May: Around Bruges

13:00-16:00 The outskirts of Bruges
With a bus to the picturesque, rural village of Lissewege with its whitewashed houses along the small canal, visit of the Church of Our Lady. From its 50m high West Tower you have a magnificent view of the 'polders'; nearby, visit of the old abbey Ter Doest (monumental barn dated 1260).
Min: 15 persons. Price per person: 1.450 BEF/35,94 EUR

13:00-16:00 Maritime Bruges
Guided visit to the maritime theme park 'Seafront' in Zeebrugge. Visit of former Belgian lightship and a Russian submarine. In the buildings of the former Fish Market, lifelike decors and scenes illustrate the riches of the seas and oceans.
Min: 15 persons. Price per person: 1.800 BEF/44,62 EUR

Thursday 18 May

13:00-14:00 Visit of Brewery "Straffe Hendrik".
This brewery, already mentioned in 1546, produces "Straffe Hendrik", an excellent, highly fermented beer with malt, hops and special yeast as main ingredients. Guided visit with more information on production, methods and history of the brewery.
Price per person: 200 BEF/5 EUR (one drink p/p incl.)

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