Eurocrypt 2000

Bruges (Brugge), Belgium, May 14-18, 2000

Rump session and poster session

The rump session is an informal session in which participants give short presentations on recent results, work in progress, and other topics of interest to the crypto community (possibly including presentations that are not purely technical in nature).

The rump session will be held on Tuesday, 16 May; Andy Clark will be the chair. The rump session will be accompanied by a buffet with Belgian beers and cheeses.

In order to keep this session lively and digestable to the audience, there will be a strict limit on the number of accepted papers and on the duration of the talks (3-7 minutes).

In order to accommodate the increasing number of people who want to show a new result, the rump session will be complemented by a poster session, with a lower threshold for acceptance.

The tentative schedule is as follows:
19:00-20:00poster session
20:00-20:45rump session I
20:45-21:30poster session
21:30-22:15rump session II

Rump session

The easiest way to enter the rump session is to submit a high quality poster. Deadline is 1 May, 2000 (see details below).

The second (high risk) way to get a slot in the rump session is to wait till the conference an hand in an abstract, no more than one page long, to the program chair Bart Preneel, or to the rump session chair, Andy Clark. Deadline for submitting is Monday, May 15, 14:00. Submissions should include a requested amount of time for the presentation, up to seven minutes. It is anticipated that very few slots will be assigned through this procedure.

The program of the rump session will be announced on Tuesday, 16 May lunch time.

Poster session

Submission of posters

If you want to submit a poster, you need to send to an abstract of at most 1 page (LaTeX or ASCII) which also contains the name and affiliation of the presenter and of the other authors. You should also indicate whether you want your poster to be considered for presentation at the rump session, and how much time you would want for the rump session (up to 7 minutes). Deadline is 1 May 2000, but earlier submissions are encouraged.

The LaTeX file should use the standard article style (please do not use fancy tricks, style files, figures, etc.). We strongly encourage to use the template that can be found here. In case LaTeX is a complete mystery to you: please take a look at the ASCII template and start learning LaTeX :-). Submissions in any other format will be ignored.

Decision on acceptance for the poster session will be taken on or before Sunday 7 May 2000. Authors will be notified by email.

The program of the poster session will be available at the conference. The accepted abstracts will be published on this web site.

Presentation of posters

The poster should consist of 4-6 pages of size A3 (B3), or larger, and should contain an extended abstract of the principal results. (The total dimensions of the poster board are horizontally 100 cm and vertically 200 cm approx.)

Posting your picture with your paper may be helpful for interested readers when trying to contact the author(s) during the conference.

  Eurocrypt 2000 is organized by the members of the COSIC research group.

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