E U R O C R Y P T '99

Preliminary announcement

As previously announced at Eurocrypt `97 in Constance, the Group of Cryptology within the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, along with other Czech institutions, in cooperation with the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), will organize the international conference Eurocrypt '99 in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2 - May 6, 1999, in hotel Hilton.

EUROCRYPT '99 Czech Organizing Committee:

Jaroslav Hruby (UCMP, Prague) - Chairman,
Ladislav Andrey (CAS CR, Prague),
Jan Janecko (CB, Prague),
Daniel Kalina (ITC, Prague),
Vaclav Matyas Jr. (MU, Brno; Cambridge),
Jaroslav Pinkava (UCMP, Prague),
Jiri Pribyl (CTU, Prague),
Miroslav Sedivy (UCMP, Prague),
Jiri Soucek (FMP CU, Prague),
Pavel Vondruska (UCMP, Prague).

Program Chair responsible for selecting the Program Committee is Jacques Stern (ENS/DMI, Paris).
Congress management and organization will be provided by
Incentive Travel & Conference (ITC)

Konevova 114 (hotel Vitkov)
130 00 PRAHA 3
Czech Republic.

Tel.(+420-2-)6971215, 6975022,
Fax.: (+420-2-)6972282,
E-mail: itc@login.cz .

Vaclav Matyas Jr.
E-mail: Vaclav.Matyas@cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jul 31, 1997