Rump Session Program
May 13, 1997, Konstanz, Germany

minutes Title Author(s) Category
20 15 Years of Eurocrypt @ Germany at last - honni soit qui mail y pense Thomas Beth Historical
7 Plaintext Compression helps the Cryptanalyst Reinhard Wobst Novel
7 The Guy Fawkes Protocol Ross Anderson, Bruno Crispo, Jong-Hyleon Lee, Roger Needham Serious
7 Is Differential Fault Analysis a Real Threat to Chipcards? Frank Schäfer-Lorinser Novel and Controversial
7 Efficient Zero-Knowledge with the New Block Cipher Standard, - or, the bite-it's-own-tail protocol Bert den Boer Serious
7 Digital Signatures at Card Level are Inappropriate in Banking Cards Louis Guillou Novel and Controversial
7 How to Copyright a Function? David Naccache Serious
7 How to Break "Fraud-Detectable Key Escrow Birgit Pfitzmann, Michael Waidner Controversial
5 How to Check Modular Exponentiation Adi Shamir Novel
3 IEEE P1363 Announcement Matt Robshaw Special
7 Even Faster Hashing on the Pentium Antoon Bosselaers Novel
7 Some New Pollard Rho's and Attacks for RSA Marc Gysin Novel
7 Two Rights Sometimes Make a Wrong Lars Knudsen and Vincent Rijmen Serious
7 A "Chilling" Attack Don B. Johnson Controversial and Novel
7 An Advanced Birghday Attack for Multiple Encryption Stefan Lucks Serious
7 The Empire Doesn't Strike Back Mark King Non-controversial
7 Real Life DFA is Inherently Limited Pascal Paillier Serious
7 A Remark on the Cramer-Damgård Paper Yvo Desmedt Controversial
7 Unbinding ElGamal - An Alternative to Key-escrow? H. Tiersma Controversial
7 Democratic Key Escrow Systems Chor-wah Man and Rei Safavi-Naini Novel
7 Factoring N via proper 2t-roots of 1 mod N Claus Schnorr Serious
7 Cycling Attacks on RSA Jörg Schwenk Novel
7 Forward Security Ross Anderson Novel
7 Implementing cryptosystems without having a random number generator David Naccache and F. Levi-dit-Vehel Serious
7 The Story of ISO 9796-2 Louis Guillou and J.J. Quisquater Historical
7 Complete Characterisation of Adversaries Tolerable in Multi-Party Computation Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer Painfully Serious
7 Cryptanalysis of the KN Cipher Takeshi Shimoyama, Shiho Moriai, and Toshimobu Kaneko Novel
7 Fast Recontsrruction of the Programmable Cellular Automata Initial State Using Ciphertext Only Miodrag Mihaljevic Serious
5 Dual Mode (Integer, Polynomial) Fast Modular Multipliers Marco Bucci Novel
5 An Improved Related-Key Attack on GOST John Kelsey Novel
7 Generating Medium Quality Random Bits Inexpensively Jonathan Stiefel Novel
7 X.500 Style PKIs are Almost Useless Carl Ellison Controversial
7 How to Handle the Bellcore Attack if You Don't Know the Public Modulus M. Joye, F. Koeune, J.-J. Quisquater (with A. Lenstra) Serious
7 Apsects of the Identification Quantum Cryptography Device J. Hruby Serious
6 A New Protocol Bruce Schneier Funny
7 Anonymous Divisible Cash Can Be Made Efficient Agnes Chan, Yair Prannel, and Yiannis Tsiounis Serious
7 Inversion Attack on Filter Generators Jovan Golic Serious

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