Aug 19 – 23
Santa Barbara




Functional Encryption with Bounded Collusions via Multi-Party Computation


Sergey Gorbunov (University of Toronto, Canada)

Vinod Vaikuntanathan (University of Toronto, Canada)

Hoeteck Wee (George Washington University)           


We construct functional encryption schemes for polynomial-time computable functions secure against an a-priori bounded polynomial number of collusions, assuming the existence of semantically secure public-key encryption schemes. During the course of our constructions, we show a “bootstrapping theorem” that constructs a $q$-query functional encryption scheme for arbitrary functions starting from a $q$-query functional encryption scheme for bounded-degree functions. All our constructions rely heavily on techniques from secure multi-party computation and randomized encodings.

Our constructions are secure under a strong simulation-based definition of functional encryption.




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