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Hilltown PP Club Golf Course

 Type: Golf

Representative : IM GIL JA

 Address : Gwangnyeong 1-ri, Aeweol-eup, Bukjeju-gun, Jeju-do, [695-902], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-748-5055

Fee: 10,000Won/hour


Hilltown tries its best to give modern people rich life that they cannot enjoy anymore. Hilltown prides itself on mineral water taken from 300 meter underground, pollution-free barbeque grilled with natural charcoal, small natural grass golf course. Many celebrities have visited it through a lot of events and Hilltown PP Club has excellent know-how to serve guests. Come and start your own travel in this wonderful island. See you in Jeju.


Dynasty Golf

 Type: Golf

Representative : KIM CHANG HEE

 Address : Sinheung 1-ri, Namwon-eup, Namjeju-gun, Jeju-do, SEOUL, [699-802], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-766-6221


 Homepage :http://www.haevichi.com/english/golf/golf.html


Jeju-do is Heaven’s blessing resort and Namwon in Nam Jeju gun is the most beautiful spot even in Jeju. Jeju Dynasty Country Club features the fantastic course comprising Mt. Halla, Pacific ocean, field and wind, wide plain, small and large oreom. This golf club focuses on customer first management under the gist of Best Play, Best Service, Best Satisfaction. In addition, it will give all of you full satisfaction with best quality lawn, course and services.




Dae-Yoo Land


Representative : BARK GYEONG SEON

 Address : Sangye-dong, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju-do, [697-301], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-738-0500


You can enjoy the pleasure aiming at the pheasant, which has the most beautiful color, and with the comfortable facilities you can enjoy all the year round Dae-Yoo Land offers the charm of hunting and the best satisfaction. With the appearance of the primitive man, hunting is continually handed down for a means of survival activities and with entering to the Agricultural Age, it is practically used as a defense for their crops. Theses days, its meaning was changed to enjoy the flavor of wild meats or a game, which is targeting the wild birds and beasts and it is used as a means stand in the place of ferocious beast to protect the birds and beasts. Accompanied with the body activity full of vigor and the great pleasure, hunting has merits as a leisure, which is spreading as a way of formation of character as well as help to cure and prevention for disease of adult people.

 50 minutes’ drive from the airport in the direction of Jungmun



Hiking Tour

 Type: Hiking

Representative : Park Kyung Jin

 Address : Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, SEOUL, [690-180], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-744-0466


 Jeju Island featuring fantastic landscape equips desirable infrastructure for bike hiking. Autobike fits well for hiking in Jeju as it is a middle between bicycle and motorcycle and environment friendly and economic to use. As tourists can enjoy hiking more comfortable and faster with autobike than doing with ordinary bicycle, the number of Autobike user is increasing by degrees. In particular, foreigners increasingly show interests as employees who have a good command of foreign languages including English and Japanese provide phone and e-mail consultation services. Hiking Tour provides tour information for foreigners with various additional services including bike rental, lodging house guide.




Villa Fishing, Lodging House(Ma-Ra-Do)

 Type: Fishing

Representative : GIM YEONG HO

 Address : Hamo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Namjeju-gun, Jeju-do, [699-835], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-792-3322


This is the only homepage of Marado located at the southernmost of Korea. As the place has the most fantastic scene of nature, it is the best place to go fishing in tourism Island, Jeju where the whole island is made of mysterious scene. Feel the mystery of Marado indirectly and please come to visit us. You can come here by Samyoung ship at Moseulpo or ‘Songak 1,2 excursion ship’, which is managed by Youyang sea tourism at MT. Songak’s Sanleesudong pier.

55 minute ride from airport by taxi



Nam-Nyeong World

 Type: Mountaineering

Representative : BAEK JEONG HWAN

 Address : Eoeum1-ri, Aeweol-eup, Bukjeju-gun, Jeju-do, [695-905], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-799-9000


Culture of reports you can enjoy the firing with nature in beautiful island Jeju is beginning. Come to the Namnyoung World. At the fore ground, there is green Jeju ocean and at the back, there is Halla Mountain which holds nature. Here you enjoy the various shooting and KART. Nam-Nyeong World puts priority on the preservation of all nature and everywhere. It’ll be a resting place to you with all families. With the best equipment and service, Nam-Nyeong World ’ll serve you kindly.

- Pistol : Pull the trigger toward the target. Tingling shock of PISTOL felt at fingertips.

- Clay : Like hunting Flying bir

- d at American trap style.

- Rifle : Feel the severity of RIFLE, RIFLE’s running fire even woman can enjoy easily.

- Kart : Speed at 180 kilometers per hour. Explain unnecessary thrill.

  20 minutes from the Jeju airport



Tamla Mok-Seok-Won

 Type: Mountaineering

Representative : BAEK UN CHEOL

 Address : Ara 1-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, [690-121], KOREA

 Contact : TEL : +82-64-702-0203


Literally, Trees and Stones Academy display trees and stones of Jeju. I opened this academy on August 10, 1971 with data I collected individually from the latter half of 1960s in whole parts of Jeju. After that, it took about 30 years to open this Trees and Stones Academy. There are many uncommon valuable trees and stones. Trees grow wild under 700 meters above the sea level of Mt. Halla. The timber’s root of this Distylium racemosum was alive after the death of the tree for thousands of years, weak parts are rotten, and strong parts that remained are making excellent beauty of space. Among about one hundred of Distylium racemosum shape, 20 of them are specified as the 25th memorial of Jeju on April 14, 1972 because of their rareness and peculiarity and about 3000 pyŏng of land is protected by the provincial authorities based on Jeju notification on December 27, 1977. Then, to form the legend of Seolmundea-grandma and 500 sons descended from Youngsil in Halla Mountain,

1. Piling up the five hundreds of memorial towers.

2. Finding on rocks of sad expressions of five hundreds of sons and leaving photographs.

3. Making dough and clay doll for the soul of the five hundreds of sons.

With single theme, Tamla Mok-Seok-Won is working to form a Trinity with three aims. In addition, after the opening, it was my dream to found the Jeju Stone Museum by collecting numerable Jeju’s living rocks, gather the valuable stone sources which is vanishing, and exhibit effectively the living rocks which has artistic conscience and, put it to educationally practical use. Just at the right time, since Sin Cheoljoo, the magistrate of North Jeju, permitted for the Mok Suk Won project, stone museum project was started. These days, expansion of Mok Suk Won is impossible, so it’s maintaining the present state and donates Jeju living rocks, folk stones, and 12.000 of Minguryus, which were collected and kept for about 30 years without compensation. Moreover, North JeJu Gun reflects the maximum of plan for Mok Suk Won at one million pyŏng of #119 San Kyorae Li Jochun Eup and it concluded the convention on January 19, 1999 to hand over the memorable Jeju collective cultural park. So, Mok Suk Won is doing its best on basic works to have the design of cultural park and the right to manage for 20 years and make the worldwide ecology park.

January 1, 2001 Beak Woon-chul (Head of Mok Sok Won)

15 minutes from Jeju Airport