TCC 2005: Instructions for authors of accepted papers

The proceedings of TCC 2005 will be published in Springer-Verlag's Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

Authors must prepare their paper in latex(2e). Please download the llncs.cls latex(2e) class file and the sample.tex file of a sample paper. Authors MUST prepare their papers according to these instructions in order for them to be included in the proceedings.

Please send to the following files: the source latex file, a dvi file, and a postscript file of the paper. The page limit is 19 pages total, including bibliography and all appendices. The deadline for receipt of files by the editor is November 29th 2004, 17:59 EST. Please use the phrase, "TCC UPLOAD" in the subject line.

Authors must also download the IACR copyright form, and mail a signed hardcopy of this form to the editor:

Joe Kilian
707 State Rd., Rt. 206
Suite 212
Princeton, NJ 08540

Please do not use/sign the Springer copyright; we are using the IACR one instead.

The form should be mailed (postmarked) by November 29th, 2004.