TCC Test-of-Time Award

The TCC Test of Time Award recognizes outstanding papers, published in TCC at least eight years ago, making a significant contribution to the theory of cryptography, preferably with influence also in other areas of cryptography, theory, and beyond. The inaugural TCC Test of Time Award was given in TCC 2015 for papers published no later than TCC 2007.

Award Recipients

2023: 2022: 2021: 2020: 2019: 2018: 2017: 2016: 2015:

Award Rules

The award is given annually during the TCC conference. Recipients of the award are selected by a committee consisting of three members. The Award Committee is expected to select 1-2 papers each year. The committees' membership is rotating, with each member serving three years. Currently, the award committee consists of

Anyone can nominate a paper for the test-of-time award by sending email to the award committee at A nomination should include the title, authors, and year that the paper was published, and a statement describing the contributions of the work and the reason why it is worthy of the award. The award committee can also self-nominate papers, i.e. consider papers that were nominated by members of the committee itself. Papers authored or co-authored by current members of the award committee are not eligible to receive the award that year.

Past members of the award committee