FSE 08

  • Fast Software Encryption

  • 10-13 of February, 2008

  • Lausanne, Switzerland

Coming by plane and/or train

Coming to Switzerland by Plane

The two main airports of Switzerland are [Zurich Airport] and [Geneva Airport], the latter being the closest one from Lausanne.

From the airport to Lausanne Main Station

You can easily arrive in Lausanne from the Swiss airports by train. There are about 5 trains per hour leaving from Geneva Airport heading to Lausanne. The duration of the shortest journey is 33 minutes (if you travel with an "IC" train, one train every hour). From Zurich Airport, there are about 1 or 2 train per hour, the duration of the journey being about 2 hours and a half.

Public Transports

The public transports for the Lausanne region should be free for any person staying in a hotel. Coupons should be available from the hotel (meaning that you still have to pay your ride from the train station to the hotel).

Coming by Car

You can rent a car from [Geneva Airport] or from [Zurich Airport]. If you choose to come to Lausanne with your personal vehicule, note that you'll have to buy an annual road tax disc (in French: "vignette autoroutière") that costs CHF 40.- (26.50 €). It can be bought when crossing the border.

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