FSE 08

  • Fast Software Encryption

  • 10-13 of February, 2008

  • Lausanne, Switzerland

Accepted Papers to FSE 2008 for Regular Presentation (26 papers)

  • Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of CLEFIA
    Yukiyasu Tsunoo, Etsuko Tsujihara, Maki Shigeri, Teruo Saito, Tomoyasu Suzaki, and Hiroyasu Kubo
  • New Features of Latin Dances: Analysis of Salsa, ChaCha, and Rumba
    Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Simon Fischer, Shahram Khazaei, Willi Meier, and Christian Rechberger
  • The Hash Function Family LAKE
    Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Willi Meier, and Raphael C.-W. Phan
  • New Form of Permutation Bias and Secret Key Leakage in Keystream Bytes of RC4
    Subhamoy Maitra and Goutam Paul
  • Collisions on SHA-0 in one hour
    Stéphane Manuel and Thomas Peyrin
  • A One-Pass Mode of Operation for Deterministic Message Authentication: Security beyond the Birthday Barrier
    Kan Yasuda
  • An Improved Security Bound for HCTR
    Debrup Chakraborty and Mridul Nandi
  • Improved indifferentiability security analysis of chopMD Hash Function
    Donghoon Chang and Mridul Nandi
  • How to Encrypt with a Malicious Random Number Generator
    Seny Kamara and Jonathan Katz
  • Bit-Pattern Based Integral Attack
    Muhammad Reza Z'aba, Haavard Raddum, Matt Henricksen, and Ed Dawson
  • Cryptanalysis of LASH
    Scott Contini, Krystian Matusiewicz, Josef Pieprzyk, Ron Steinfeld, Guo Jian, Ling San, and Huaxiong Wang
  • A Meet-in-the-Middle Attack on 8-Round AES
    Huseyin Demirci and Ali Aydin Selcuk
  • Experiments on the Multiple Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round Serpent
    B. Collard, F.-X. Standaert, and J.-J. Quisquater
  • Collisions for step-reduced SHA-256
    Ivica Nikolic and Alex Biryukov
  • Post-processing functions for a biased physical random number generator
    Patrick Lacharme
  • Guess-and-determine Algebraic Attack on the Self-Shrinking Generator
    Blandine Debraize and Louis Goubin
  • SQUASH - a New MAC With Provable Security Properties for Highly Constrained Devices Such As RFID Tags
    Adi Shamir
  • A Unified Approach to Related-Key Attacks
    Eli Biham, Orr Dunkelman, and Nathan Keller
  • MD4 is Not One-Way
    Gaëtan Leurent
  • New Techniques for Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions and Improved Attacks on Snefru
    Eli Biham
  • Algebraic and Slide Attacks on KeeLoq
    Nicolas T. Courtois, Gregory V. Bard, and David Wagner
  • A (Second) Preimage Attack on the GOST Hash Function
    Florian Mendel, Norbert Pramstaller, and Christian Rechberger
  • Second Preimage Attack on 3-Pass HAVAL and Partial Key-Recovery Attacks on NMAC/HMAC-3-Pass HAVAL
    Eunjin Lee, Jongsung Kim, Donghoon Chang, Jaechul Sung, and Seokhie Hong
  • SWIFFT: A Modest Proposal for FFT Hashing
    Vadim Lyubashevsky, Daniele Micciancio, Chris Peikert, and Alon Rosen
  • Block Ciphers Implementations Provably Secure Against Second Order Side Channel Analysis
    Matthieu Rivain, Emmanuelle Dottax, and Emmanuel Prouff
  • Efficient Reconstruction of RC4 Keys from Internal States
    Eli Biham and Yaniv Carmeli

Accepted Papers to FSE 2008 for Short Presentation (4 papers)

  • Differential Fault Analysis of Trivium
    Michal Hojsik and Bohuslav Rudolf
  • Pen-and-Paper Collisions for the Full Salsa20 Hash Function
    Julio Cesar Hernandez-Castro, Juan M. E.Tapiador, and Jean-Jacques Quisquater
  • Entropy of the internal state of an FCSR in Galois representation
    Andrea Röck
  • Accelerating the Whirlpool Hash Function using Parallel Table Lookup and Fast Cyclical Permutation
    Yedidya Hilewitz, Yiqun Lisa Yin, and Ruby B. Lee

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