This app allows you to create a program for a conference. The things you need to get started are the dates of your conference and the list of accepted papers from websubrev (you could type those in again, but why bother?). The list of accepted papers is accessible as a JSON file from the program chair interface.

If you've been here before, you can edit an existing program. Otherwise, start from a new one. If you open one that is owned by someone else, then you may not overwrite their work but you can save your own copy.

Name Owner Last modified

Enter a name for the conference program.

Choose the start and end date for your conference.

Next, specify the list of accepted papers. This can be an upload from websubrev (a JSON file), or you can import accepted papers from TCHES or ToSC. You can do this later if you like.

Instructions: Drag talks from the left column to the sessions on the right. You can edit sessions, talks, timeslots, days, etc. Once you are satisfied with the program, you can export the JSON for the website. Remember that PDF doesn't work well on mobile.

Unscheduled Talks