International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR conference tools

There are several tools available for creating the conference website for an IACR conference using the new new template for IACR conference websites.

  1. When the site is first created, you need the metadata.json file to describe the location, etc. Click here to construct the metadata.json file.
  2. Once the call for papers is ready, you need the list of members of the program committee (comm.json file). Click here to construct the program committee file.
  3. Once the list of accepted papers has been created from websubrev, the program chair(s) and general chair need to create the program. This tool requires you to login with your IACR username/password used for conference registration.

    The json file for the program follows a schema located here. A sample for this file is located here, but the json file for the program is fairly complicated and the correct way to construct one is using the program editor. In particular, it can import the URLs for the papers on the Springer site.