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Demba Sow (#917)
Name Demba Sow
Personal Homepage
Topic of his/her doctorate. courbes elliptiques, cryptographie à clé publique et protocoles d'échange de clés
Category public-key cryptography
Keywords courbes elliptiques, cryptographie, protocoles
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Djiby Sow
Year of completion 2013
Abstract In public key cryptography, many schemes use discrete logarithm problem whose best use framework is the current elliptic curves over fields derived from the theory numbers. In secret key cryptography, key exchange can be provided by protocols that use the idea of the protocol Diffie-Hellman and the latter is based on the discrete logarithm. In this thesis we have contributed to three key points. First of all, we have proposed a modification of the encryption and signing process of El Gamal's cryptoystem, and our version has 24 variants instead of 6 of El Gamal cryptosystem and in addition our proposal reduces the key size; We have done a cryptanalysis of the key exchange protocol "Strong DSA Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange” after we have improved and provided a full proof security for this new protocol. Finally, we have introduced a new form of binary elliptic curve but its use in cryptography remains incomplete. All of our results can be implemented in cyclic groups and in particular, on elliptic curves.
Your Ph.D. thesis as fulltext 122_DembaSow_courbeselliptiquescryptograph.pdf
E-Mail Address sowdembis (at)
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