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The aim of the IACR Ph.D. database is twofold. On the first hand, we want to offer an overview of Ph.D. already completed in the domain of cryptology. Where possible, this should also include a subject classification, an abstract, and access to the full text. On the second hand, it deals with Ph.D. subjects currently under investigation. This way, we provide a timely map of contemporary research in cryptology. All entries or changes need to be approved by an editor. You can contact them via phds (at)


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Christopher Wolf - Multivariate Quadratic Polynomials in Public Key Cryptography (public-key cryptography) 2011-02-12
Bart Preneel - Analysis and Design of Cryptographic Hash Functions (secret-key cryptography) 2011-04-18
Benedikt Gierlichs - Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Power Analysis on Embedded Cryptography 2011-02-13
Ingrid Verbauwhede - VLSI Design Methodologies for the ASIC realization of cryptographic and algebraic systems 2013-12-03
Brecht Wyseur - White-Box Cryptography (secret-key cryptography) 2011-04-18
Frederik Vercauteren - Computing zeta functions of curves over finite fields (foundations) 2011-04-19
Gautham Sekar - Cryptanalysis and Design of Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithms (secret-key cryptography) 2011-06-13
Sebastiaan Indesteege - Analysis and Design of Cryptographic Hash Functions (secret-key cryptography) 2011-08-05
Dave Singelee - Study and Design of a Security Architecture for Wireless Personal Area Networks (applications) 2011-08-05
Vincent Rijmen - Cryptanalysis and design of iterated block ciphers (secret-key cryptography) 2011-08-05
Roel Peeters - Study and Design of a Security Architecture for Things That Think (cryptographic protocols) 2011-08-05
Elke De Mulder - Electromagnetic Techniques and Probes for Side-Channel Analysis on Cryptographic Devices (implementation) 2011-08-07
Claudia Diaz - 2011-08-08
Carmela Troncoso - Design and analysis methods for privacy technologies (applications) 2011-08-08
Yoni De Mulder - Design and Cryptanalysis of White-Box Implementations 2011-08-08
Bart Mennink - Provable Security of Symmetric Primitives (secret-key cryptography) 2011-08-09
Miroslav Knezevic - Efficient Hardware Implementations of Cryptographic Primitives (implementation) 2011-08-08
Anthony Van Herrewege - Security components for trusted computer systems (implementation) 2011-08-16
Ero Balsa - Privacy in online social networks: analysis and solutions (applications) 2011-08-20
Nicky Mouha - Automated Techniques for Hash Function and Block Cipher Cryptanalysis (secret-key cryptography) 2012-06-12
Jens Hermans - Lightweight public-key cryptography (public-key cryptography) 2011-08-29
Souradyuti Paul - Design and Analysis of Stream Ciphers Based on Arrays and Modular Addition (secret-key cryptography) 2011-12-11
Filipe Beato - Private Information Sharing in Online communities (cryptographic protocols) 2015-06-19
Özgül Küçük - Design and Analysis of Cryptographic Hash Functions (secret-key cryptography) 2012-05-04
Roel Peeters - Security Architecture for Things That Think (cryptographic protocols) 2012-07-08
Dries Schellekens - Design and Analysis of Trusted Computing Platforms (applications) 2013-01-09
Joan Daemen - Cipher and hash function design - Strategies based on linear and differential cryptanalysis (secret-key cryptography) 2013-09-10
Amitabh Das - Differential Scan-Based Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures (implementation) 2013-12-03
Josep Balasch - Implementation Aspects of Security and Privacy in Embedded Design (implementation) 2014-05-22

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