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Zachary Kissel (#937)
Name Zachary Kissel
Topic of his/her doctorate. Verifiable Symmetric Searchable Encryption
Category secret-key cryptography
Keywords information hiding, searchable encryption
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Jie Wang
Year of completion 2013

Cloud storage has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. It provides a convenient platform for users to store data that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime without the cost of maintaining a storage infrastructure. However, cloud storage is inherently insecure, hindering general acceptance of the paradigm shift. To make use of storage services provided by a cloud, users would need to place their trust, at least implicitly, in the provider. There have been a number of attempts to alleviate the need for this trust through cryptographic methods. An immediate approach would be to encrypt each file before uploading it to the cloud. This approach, calls for a new searching mechanism over encrypted data stored in the cloud.

This dissertation considers a solution to this problem using Symmetric Searchable Encryption (SSE). SSE allows users to offload search queries to the cloud. The cloud is then responsible for returning the encrypted files that match the search queries (also encrypted). Most previous work was focused on keyword search in the Honest-but-Curious (HBC) cloud model, while some more recent work has considered searching on phrases. Recently, a new cloud model was introduced that supersedes the HBC model. This new model, called Semi-Honest but Curious (SHBC), is less restrictive over the actions a cloud can take. In this dissertation, we present three systems that are secure under this new SHBC model. Two systems provide phrase search and the other provides hierarchical access control over keyword search.

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