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Özgül Küçük (#777)
Name Özgül Küçük
Topic of his/her doctorate. Design and Analysis of Cryptographic Hash Functions
Category secret-key cryptography
Keywords hash functions
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Bart Preneel, Vincent Rijmen
Year of completion 2012
Abstract The topic of this thesis is the design and analysis of cryptographic hash functions. A hash function is a map from variable-length input bit strings to fixed-length output bit strings. Despite their simple definition, hash functions play an essential role in a wide area of applications such as digital signature algorithms, message authentication codes, password verification, and key derivation. The main contribution of this thesis is a novel and elegant proposal of a cryptographic hash function. In this thesis, we approach the problem of the design and analysis of cryptographic hash functions with a particular example, the hash function Hamsi. The design of Hamsi is based on the use of a relatively light underlying primitive in each iteration of the mode of operation, combined with a strong message expansion function. We investigate the design constraints of this approach by analyzing Hamsi. In the first part, we cover the design aspects of Hamsi and also propose a variant called Hamsi$^\oplus$. In the sequent parts we provide analysis results, namely indifferentiability analysis and collision analysis. Finally, as a separate research study we analyze the initialization of the stream cipher Grain.
Your Ph.D. thesis as fulltext 93_zglKk_DesignndAnalysisCryptographicH.pdf
E-Mail Address ozgul.kucuk (at)
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