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Alexandre Berzati (#595)
Name Alexandre Berzati
Topic of his/her doctorate. Cryptographic Analysis of Algorithm Corruptions
Category implementation
Keywords Fault analysis, asymmetric cryptography, public key perturbation, stream ciphers
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Louis Goubin
Year of completion 2010
Abstract Since the advent of side channel attacks, at the end of the 90's, classical cryptanalysis is no longer sufficient to ensure the security of embedded cryptosystems. Among side channel attacks, Differential Fault Analysis is a powerful way to recover secret information from malicious perturbations of a cryptographic hardware. The purpose of the thesis is to extend the scope of fault attacks by providing brand new attacks based on innovative but realistic fault models. Whereas private keys have been rapidly protected against perturbations, recent works addressed the issue of protecting also non-critical elements, such as public keys, since their perturbation may leak secret information. We will investigate on this area by focusing on classical implementations of two very popular cryptosystems: RSA and DSA. In details, we will detail how to exploit faults on the public modulus that occurred during their execution. To the best of our knowledge, these cryptographic algorithms have never been studied according to such a fault model. We have also followed the emergence of new stream ciphers. Since their mathematical structure are stronger, we wanted to evaluate the robustness of their implementation against malicious faults. In this context we studied two of the eSTREAM finalists: Grain-128 and Rabbit. Finally, this thesis emphasizes the difficulty for elaborating efficient countermeasure against faults by describing what have been done for CRT-RSA.
E-Mail Address alexandre.berzati (at)
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