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Marina Samokhina (#570)
Name Marina Samokhina
Personal Homepage
Topic of his/her doctorate. The construction and research of cryptographic systems based on linear codes in projective metrics
Category public-key cryptography
Keywords linear cryptanalysis number theory cryptanalysis implementation public-key cryptography
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Ernst Gabidulin
Year of completion 2009

Main scientific goal of the work was the construction of new real life usable cryptosystem based on linear codes, this system cryptanalysis and its cryptographic strength demonstration.

There are several public key cryptosystems based on linear codes formerly designed. However most of them aren't strong enough.

In my work I review and analyze most substantial and cryptostrong existing systems. I provide detailed description of these systems limitations and vulnerabilities. As a quintessence of my research I introduce new system based on Gabidulin Rank codes in a projective metric. The new system is flexible and can be easily modified into two different structure based systems.

In the conclusion I describe all possible cryptanalytic methods for the new cryptosystem and ensure for its good security level. Few examples of successful implementation of new cryptosystem described in certain section of my work is a strong argue to use the system as a real-life application.

E-Mail Address Marina (at)
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