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Claude Barral (#546)
Name Claude Barral
Topic of his/her doctorate. Biometrics & Security: Combining Fingerprints, Smart Cards and Cryptography
Category applications
Keywords Biometrics, Smart Cards, Cryptography, Fingerprint Recognition, Match-On-Card
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Serge Vaudenay
Year of completion 2010
Abstract Since the beginning of this brand new century, and especially since the 2001 Sept 11 events in the U.S, several biometric technologies are considered mature enough to be a new tool for security. Generally associated to a personal device for privacy protection, biometric references are stored in secured electronic devices such as smart cards, and systems are using cryptographic tools to communicate with the smart card and securely exchange biometric data. After a general introduction about biometrics, smart cards and cryptography, a second part will introduce our work with fake finger attacks on fingerprint sensors and tests done with different materials. The third part will present our approach for a lightweight fingerprint recognition algorithm for smart cards. The fourth part will detail security protocols used in different applications such as Personal Identity Verification cards. We will discuss our implementation such as the one we developed for the NIST to be used in PIV smart cards. Finally, a fifth part will address Cryptography-Biometrics interaction. We will highlight the antagonism between Cryptography - determinism, stable data - and Biometrics - statistical, error-prone -. Then we will present our application of challenge-response protocol to biometric data for easing the fingerprint recognition process.
E-Mail Address claude.barral (at)
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