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The aim of the IACR Ph.D. database is twofold. On the first hand, we want to offer an overview of Ph.D. already completed in the domain of cryptology. Where possible, this should also include a subject classification, an abstract, and access to the full text. On the second hand, it deals with Ph.D. subjects currently under investigation. This way, we provide a timely map of contemporary research in cryptology. All entries or changes need to be approved by an editor. You can contact them via phds (at)


Andrey Bogdanov (#480)
Name Andrey Bogdanov
Personal Homepage
Topic of his/her doctorate. Analysis and Design of Block Cipher Constructions
Category secret-key cryptography
Keywords block ciphers, secret-key cryptography, authentication codes, cryptanalysis, hash functions, side-channel attacks
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Christof Paar
Year of completion 2009
Abstract This thesis is dedicated to symmetric cryptographic algorithms. The major focus of the work is on block ciphers themselves as well as on hash functions and message authentication codes based on block ciphers. Three main approaches to the cryptanalysis of symmetric cryptographic algorithms are pursued. First, several block cipher constructions are analyzed mathematically using statistical cryptanalysis. Second, practical attacks on real-world symmetric cryptosystems are considered. Finally, novel cryptanalytic techniques using side-channel leakage are studied with applications to block ciphers and message authentication codes.
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