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Victor Lomne (#278)
Name Victor Lomne
Personal Homepage
Topic of his/her doctorate. Power and Electro-Magnetic Side-Channel Attacks: threats and countermeasures
Category implementation
Keywords side-channel attacks
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Michel Robert, Philippe Maurine
Year of completion 2010

In cryptography, a cipher is considered as a black-box, and an attacker has only access to plaintexts and ciphertexts. But a real world cryptographic device leaks additionnal sensitive informations during a cryptographic operation, such as power consumption or electro-magnetic radiations. As a result, several techniques, called Side-Channel Attacks, allow exploiting these physical leakages to break ciphers with a very low complexity in comparison with methods of classical cryptanalysis.

In this work, power and electro-magnetic Side-Channel Attacks are firstly studied from an algorithmic point-of-view, and some improvements are proposed. Then, a particular attention is given on the exploitation of the electro-magnetic side-channel, and a simulation flow predicting magnetic radiations of ICs is proposed and validated on two microcontrollers. Finally, some countermeasures allowing to protect ciphers against these threats, based on balanced logic styles, are presented and evaluated.

E-Mail Address victor.lomne (at)
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