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The aim of the IACR Ph.D. database is twofold. On the first hand, we want to offer an overview of Ph.D. already completed in the domain of cryptology. Where possible, this should also include a subject classification, an abstract, and access to the full text. On the second hand, it deals with Ph.D. subjects currently under investigation. This way, we provide a timely map of contemporary research in cryptology. All entries or changes need to be approved by an editor. You can contact them via phds (at)


Serge Vaudenay (#200)
Name Serge Vaudenay
Personal Homepage
Topic of his/her doctorate. The Security of Cryptographic Primitives
Category secret-key cryptography
Keywords block ciphers, cryptanalysis
Ph.D. Supervisor(s) Jacques Stern
Year of completion 1995
Abstract In the early fifties, Claude Shannon initiated the theory of cryptographic primitives. He defined the notion of diffusion and confusion. However, this theory did not developed very much until nowadays. Recently, the differential cryptanalysis and the linear cryptanalysis gave a significant advance in the analysis of the primitives. Security criteria for confusion, essentially nonlinearity criteria, has been proposed. In this thesis, we show how to define a notion of complexity on the graph structure of the primitives and how to study it. This gives security criteria of the computational network. We propose new criteria for diffusion. Finally, we unify the two types of cryptanalysis, getting rid of their linear aspects by a statistical approach.
E-Mail Address serge.vaudenay (at)
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Serge Vaudenay's Students

Gildas Avoine - Cryptography in Radio Frequency Identification and Fair Exchange Protocols (cryptographic protocols)
Thomas Baignères - Quantitative security of block ciphers: designs and cryptanalysis tools (secret-key cryptography)
Martin Vuagnoux - Computer Aided Cryptanalysis from Ciphers to Side Channels (cryptographic protocols)
Jean-Philippe Aumasson - Design and analysis of symmetric cryptographic algorithms (secret-key cryptography)
Simon Fischer - Analysis of lightweight stream ciphers (secret-key cryptography)
Pascal Junod - Statistical cryptanalysis of block ciphers (secret-key cryptography)
Yi Lu - Applied Stream Ciphers in Mobile Communications (secret-key cryptography)
Sylvain Pasini - Secure communication using authenticated channels (cryptographic protocols)
Jean Monnerat - Short Undeniable Signatures: Design, Analysis, and Applications (public-key cryptography)
Claude Barral - Biometrics & Security: Combining Fingerprints, Smart Cards and Cryptography (applications)
Pouyan Sepehrdad - Statistical and Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Lightweight and Ultra-Lightweight Symmetric Primitives (secret-key cryptography)

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