International Association for Cryptologic Research

Welcome to the redesigned IACR Newsletter!

This is the first issue of the electronic IACR Newsletter. It is distributed only in electronic form, by Email as a flat ASCII text and on the Web at

The old newsletter used to appear twice a year (although the last one came out about a year ago). By moving to electronic distribution, we can produce and ship a newsletter more often and bring you more up-to-date information. I currently plan to produce three issues a year, scheduled for fall (October), winter-spring (February), and summer (June). (This corresponds to the rhythm of three conferences that IACR will sponsor starting in 2000.) The issues will be named by Volume (yearly) and Number (within the year), plus the month of actual appearance.

The Newsletter goes now hand-in-hand with our website, and news items will constantly be published there. A major point is the new Calendar of Events ( that lists conferences and workshops in cryptology and closely related fields.

Of course, IACR can only provide you with accurate information if you contribute your input. I invite you to send in announcements of workshops, conferences, calls for papers, or any other item of interest to IACR members. The address for all submissions to the Newsletter and Calendar is

If you have comments on the Newsletter redesign or the new distribution format, please let me know. We can only do a better job if you provide your feedback!

Christian Cachin
IACR Newsletter Editor

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