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13:29 [Event][New]ICITS 2017: 10th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security[ expand ]

15:38 [Event][New]The First NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Standardization Conference[ expand ]
15:38 [Event][New]CT-RSA 2018: CT-RSA 2018[ expand ]

13:23 [Job][New]Ph.D. student, Chalmers University of Technology - Sweden[ expand ]

02:01 [PhD][New]Bernardo Magri: The Good, the Bad, and the (not so) Ugly: Many Facets of Cryptographic Backdoors[ expand ]

10:49 [Job][New]Research Associate in Privacy-Preserving Techniques for Web-based Infectious Disease Surveillance, University College London[ expand ]

10:29 [PhD][Update]Gildas Avoine: Cryptography in Radio Frequency Identification and Fair Exchange Protocols[ expand ]
10:28 [PhD][Update]Yi Lu: Applied Stream Ciphers in Mobile Communications[ expand ]
10:27 [PhD][Update]Jean Monnerat: Short Undeniable Signatures: Design, Analysis, and Applications[ expand ]
10:26 [PhD][Update]Claude Barral: Biometrics & Security: Combining Fingerprints, Smart Cards and Cryptography[ expand ]
10:26 [PhD][Update]Pouyan Sepehrdad: Statistical and Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Lightweight and Ultra-Lightweight Symmetric Primitives[ expand ]
10:24 [PhD][New]Rafik Chaabouni: Enhancing Privacy Protection: Set Membership, Range Proofs, and the Extended Access Control[ expand ]
10:24 [Job][New]Research Associate in Cloud Security (PostDoc), University of Westminster, Department of Computer Science[ expand ]
10:24 [Job][New]Tenure-Track Professorship , TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)[ expand ]
10:23 [Job][New]Post-Doc: Security analysis of automatically inserted software protections against physical attacks , CEA Tech[ expand ]
10:23 [Job][New]PhD interns on cyber-physical system security, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)[ expand ]

16:12 [Event][New]UAIE-SCN: SCN Journal Speical Issue on User Authentication in the IoE Era[ expand ]
03:20 [Event][New]FDTC'17: Fourteenth Workshop on Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography[ expand ]

04:16 [Job][Update]Junior Research Fellow, National Institute of Technology Raipur[ expand ]
04:16 [Job][New]Junior Research Fellow, National Institute of Technology Raipur[ expand ]
04:08 [Job][New]Ph.D. student in Cryptographic Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL[ expand ]
04:08 [Job][New]Researcher positions (postdoc) in Verification of Quantum Cryptography, University of Tartu[ expand ]
04:08 [Job][New]PhD student position in Boolean functions, University of Bergen, Norway[ expand ]

08:44 [Event][New]CARDIS 2017: 16th Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference[ expand ]
08:39 [PhD][New]Luí­s T. A. N. Brandão: The Forge-and-Lose Technique and Other Contributions to Secure Two-Party Computation with Commitments[ expand ]
08:34 [Job][New]Cryptographic Engineer, Evernym, Utah [ expand ]
08:33 [Job][New]Associate Professor in Quantum Information and Post Quantum Cryptography, Telecom ParisTech, Paris, France[ expand ]

11:23 [Event][New]C&TC 2017: 7th Cloud and and Trusted Computing Symposium[ expand ]
11:22 [Event][New]AsiaJCIS 2017: The 12th Asia Joint Conference on Information Security[ expand ]

00:50 [Job][New]Post-Doc, TU Wien, Vienna [ expand ]
00:50 [Job][New]Junior Cryptographer, Swedish NCSA[ expand ]
00:50 [Job][New]Cryptographer, Swedish NCSA[ expand ]

02:22 [Job][New]Post-Doc , Hongik University, Korea[ expand ]
02:20 [Job][New]Ph. D. Student , Universitat Rovira i Virgili[ expand ]

14:43 [PhD][New]Kester, Quist-Aphetsi: A new crytographic and watermarking approaches for the safety and security of electronic data exchange[ expand ]
14:40 [PhD][New]Marc Fischlin: Trapdoor Commitment Schemes and Their Applications[ expand ]
14:39 [PhD][Update]Marc Fischlin: Trapdoor Commitment Schemes and Their Applications[ expand ]

12:57 [Job][New]PhD studentship, University College London[ expand ]
12:57 [Job][New]Chair in Cybersecurity, University of York, UK[ expand ]

03:39 [Event][New]E-Vote-ID 2017: Second International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting[ expand ]

15:14 [Job][New]Post-Doc in a project FDISC on Applied Crypto, University of Luxembourg[ expand ]
15:13 [Job][Update]PhD Studentship, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen\\\'s University Belfast[ expand ]
15:09 [Job][Update]Postdoc, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany[ expand ]
15:04 [Job][New]2 posts of Assistant/Associate Professor in Secure Systems, University of Surrey, UK[ expand ]
15:04 [Job][New]PhD student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany[ expand ]
09:50 [Job][New]Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Security, University of Birmingham, UK[ expand ]

08:25 [Job][New]Junior Research Fellow, NIT Raipur[ expand ]

13:30 [Event][New]TDSC SI PSCE: IEEE Trans Dependable & Secure Computing special issue: Final Call[ expand ]
13:29 [Event][New]ISC '17: 20th Information Security Conference[ expand ]
13:27 [Job][New]PhD Studentship, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen\'s University Belfast[ expand ]