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05:14 [Event][New]CPSS?17: 3rd ACM Cyber-Physical System Security Workshop[ expand ]
01:06 [Job][New]Senior Software Engineer, Applied Cryptography, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company[ expand ]
01:06 [Job][New]Lecturer in Digital Security, The University of Auckland, New Zealand[ expand ]
01:05 [Job][New]Researcher, Cryptography and Electronic Voting, Polyas GmbH, Germany[ expand ]

16:16 [Job][New]Software engineer, Schibsted ASA[ expand ]
16:14 [Job][New]Research Associate in Cloud Security, University of Westminster, Department of Computer Science[ expand ]
16:14 [Job][New]PhD Scholarship: Global Ph.D. Student Fellowship in Engineering- Cryptology, NewYork Univeristy Abu Dhabi[ expand ]
15:45 [Job][New]Post.Doc, Mid Sweden University[ expand ]
06:18 [Event][New]Spring School on Lattice-Based Cryptography (Oxford)[ expand ]

13:40 [Job][New]Ph.D. student, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain[ expand ]
13:40 [Event][New]SCC'17: The Fifth International Workshop on Security in Cloud Computing[ expand ]
02:57 [Event][New]IWSEC 2017: The 12th International Workshop on Security[ expand ]

09:08 [PhD][Update]Sebastian Pape: The Challenge of Authentication in Insecure Environments[ expand ]
01:42 [Event][New]Winter School on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies[ expand ]
01:37 [Job][New]Postdoctoral & Faculty Positions in Cybersecurity, CISPA-Stanford Center (Saarbruecken, Germany & Stanford, USA)[ expand ]
01:36 [Job][New]Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader/Professor in Secure Information Technologies, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen’s University Belfast, UK[ expand ]

02:25 [Event][New]TA'17: Targeted Attacks 2017[ expand ]

07:11 [Event][New]IEEE TC Special Sect. on Cryptographic Engineering in a Post-Quantum World[ expand ]

08:09 [Job][New]Four tenure-track positions at the rank of Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology[ expand ]
08:09 [Job][New]Researcher, Temasek Laboratories, NTU, Singapore[ expand ]

09:17 [Event][New]APKC'17: The 4th ACM ASIA Public-Key Cryptography Workshop[ expand ]
07:43 [PhD][New]Fabrice Benhamouda: Diverse modules and zero-knowledge[ expand ]
07:13 [PhD][New]Michel Abdalla: Design and Analysis of Secure Encryption Schemes[ expand ]
07:08 [PhD][New]Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry: Design and Analysis of Secure Lightweight Authentication and Signcryption Schemes[ expand ]
07:07 [PhD][New]Shashank Singh: Studies on Index Calculus Techniques for the Discrete Log Problem[ expand ]

11:55 [Job][New]Applied Cryptography, Senior Software Engineer, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited [ expand ]
11:54 [Job][New](Senior) Research Associates and PhD students, University of Bristol, UK[ expand ]

05:35 [Event][New]BCC'17: First ACM Workshop on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Contracts[ expand ]

09:37 [Event][New]NuTMiC'2017: Conference on Number Theory Methods in Cryptology[ expand ]

15:35 [Job][Update]Assistant Professor - A&S Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati[ expand ]
15:30 [Job][New]Postdoctoral Researcher in Cryptography, Paderborn University, Germany[ expand ]
15:29 [Job][New]Assistant Professor - ­ A&S Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati[ expand ]
11:44 [Job][New]Assistant Professor in Discrete Mathematics, University of South Florida[ expand ]
11:44 [Job][New]Postdoc in Algebra/Number Theory/Cryptography, University of South Florida[ expand ]
11:43 [Job][New]Lecturer or Senior Lecturer or Reader in Security and Privacy , University of Edinburgh[ expand ]

12:13 [PhD][New]Mehrdad Nojoumian: Novel Secret Sharing and Commitment Schemes for Cryptographic Applications[ expand ]
12:09 [Event][New]WCS 2017: The second international Workshop on Communication Security[ expand ]
10:51 [PhD][New]Dr. Ziba Eslami[ expand ]
10:14 [PhD][New]Jesper Buus Nielsen: On Protocol Security in the Cryptographic Model[ expand ]
10:12 [PhD][New]Shekh Faisal Abdul-Latip: Algebraic and Side-Channel Analysis of Lightweight Block Ciphers[ expand ]
10:11 [PhD][New]Ewerton Rodrigues Andrade: Lyra2: Password Hashing Scheme with improved security against time-memory trade-offs[ expand ]
10:04 [PhD][New]Roman Korkikian: Side-Channel and Fault Analysis in the Presence of Countermeasures: Tools, Theory and Practice[ expand ]
10:02 [Event][New]Crypto: The 9th Annual Winter School on Quantum Cyber Security[ expand ]
02:19 [Job][New]Post-Doc Research Associate, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK[ expand ]
02:18 [Event][New]TMUSD'2016: Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices[ expand ]
02:12 [Event][New]IoTPTS'17: 3rd International Workshop on IoT Privacy, Trust, and Security[ expand ]
02:08 [Event][New]ACNS'17: 15th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security[ expand ]

13:53 [Job][New]Professor, all ranks, New York University Abu Dhabi[ expand ]
10:33 [Event][New]IEEE S&B: IEEE Security and Privacy on the Blockchain (IEEE S&B)[ expand ]
08:06 [Job][New]Blockchain Developer, DarkMatter LLC, US & UAE[ expand ]