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AC Asiacrypt. Subcase of "Conf"
Book Book available for review
CHES Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems. Subcase of "Conf"
Conf IACR sponsored conference or workshop, e.g. Asiacrypt, Crypto, Eurocrypt, CHES, FSE, PKC, TCC
Crypto Crypto. Subcase of "Conf"
EC Eurocrypt. Subcase of "Conf"
Election Updates on an IACR elections. Particularily relevant for IACR members
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FSE Fast Software Encryption. Subcase of "Conf"
JoC Journal of Cryptology. Subcase of "Pub"
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News News from the cryptographic world, will directly display in the News section of the main page
PKC Public Key Cryptography. Subcase of "Conf"
PhD Listing in the Ph.D. database
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Review Book review
Software Cryptographic software. Subcase of "Pub"
TCC Theory of Cryptography Conference. Subcase of "Conf"
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ePrint Cryptology ePrint Archive. Subcase of "Pub"
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