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16:59 [Job][New] Funded PhD + Hardware designer position in industry (security-oriented), University Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne. France

  We are seeking for a candidate (ideally fresh out of MSc in electronic design) for preparing a fully funded PhD in microprocessor design with an emphasis on security. While no prior knowledge of cryptography as such is required, the candidate must have a solid knowledge of HDL design (e.g. VHDL or Verilog) with an ideal prior experience in FPGA prototyping or microprocessor customization.

For administrative reasons priority will be given to EU nationals.

16:15 [Event][New] DPM'12: 7th DPM International Workshop on Data Privacy Management

  Submission: 1 June 2012
Notification: 6 July 2012
From September 12 to September 13
Location: Pisa, Italy
More Information:

14:02 [Job][New] Ph.D. student, Université Jean Monnet - Saint-Etienne - France

  A PhD position will be available at the Hubert Curien Laboratory, Saint-Etienne, in Secure hardware implementations of code-based cryptosystems. With a 3 years duration, the PhD is expected to start by the end of summer 2012. The PhD student will conduct his research in the two following fields:
  • code-based public-key and private-key cryptography,
  • secure implementations of cryptosystems with respect to side-channel analysis and countermeasures.
This research will be funded by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MENRT). The PhD student must have a strong background in cryptography and at least a basic knowledge in digital hardware design. The research will be conducted in the Hubert Curien Laboratory in a close collaboration with the CASED (Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt) in Germany.

Applications are welcome from university graduates in mathematics, computer science, electronics, micro-electronics or information security. Successful applicants must show outstanding grades and have finished their master thesis on a topic related to the mentioned research areas. Applications can be sent by email to Pierre-Louis Cayrel (pierre.louis.cayrel (at) and Viktor Fischer (fischer (at) in one PDF document, containing a CV, a copy of academic transcripts, a short statement of motivation (incl. description of prior activities in the relevant areas), and one reference letter or a letter of recommendation. Applications will be processed until the position is filled.

20:05 [Event][New] ACISP'12: The 17th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy

  Submission: 3 March 2012
Notification: 13 April 2012
From July 9 to July 11
Location: Wollongong, Australia
More Information:

07:25 [PhD][New] Essam Ghadafi: Practical Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Protocols

  Name: Essam Ghadafi
Topic: Practical Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Protocols
Category: cryptographic protocols

07:25 [PhD][New] Bogdan Warinschi

  Name: Bogdan Warinschi

07:19 [Event][Update] Latincrypt 2012: Second International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security

  Submission: 4 May 2012
Notification: 29 June 2012
From October 7 to October 10
Location: Santiago, Chile
More Information:

07:17 [Event][New] Latincrypt 2012: Second International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security

  Submission: 4 May 2012
Notification: 29 June 2012
From October 7 to October 10
Location: Santiago, Chile
More Information:

17:18 [Job][New] Post-doctoral Researchers , Queen’s University Belfast, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), UK

  Applications are invited for post-doctoral researchers to contribute to the research activity of the data security systems research group within the Centre for Secure Information Technology (CSIT: at Queen’s University Belfast. Two positions are available: one to conduct research into physical unclonable functions (PUFs) – investigate new PUF constructions, design, implement and test new PUF hardware architectures, investigate PUF-based authentication protocols; and one to carry out research into cyber-security modelling software technologies, techniques and visualisation to facilitate formal verification, design, simulation and mathematical proof of security models, architectures, protocols and algorithms.

Applicants must hold a 2.1 Honours Degree (or equivalent) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics or a related discipline and hold, or be about to obtain, a PhD in a relevant subject.

06:30 [Event][Update] ICITS 2012: Sixth International Conference on Information-Theoretic Security

  Submission: 1 May 2012
From August 15 to August 17
Location: Montreal , Canada
More Information:

06:29 [Event][Update] ICITS: International Conference on Information Theoretic Security

  Submission: 10 December 2010
Notification: 11 February 2011
From May 21 to May 24
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
More Information: