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17:18 [Conf][TCC] TCC Student support

  Today is also the deadline to apply for student travel support to TCC. If you are a student presenting a paper and need help with travel expenses please email the General Chairs and

17:15 [Conf][TCC] Early Registration Deadline for TCC is today!

  A reminder that today is the early registration deadline for TCC.

16:42 [Event][Update] ISCISC '2012: 9th International ISC conference of Information Security and Cryptology

  Submission: 20 May 2012
Notification: 21 July 2012
From September 13 to September 14
Location: Tabriz, Iran
More Information:

16:41 [Event][New] SAPSE '12: 4th IEEE International Workshop on Security Aspects of Process and Services

  Submission: 15 March 2012
Notification: 9 April 2012
From July 16 to July 20
Location: Izmir, Turkey
More Information:

21:03 [Conf][EC] All stipends for Eurocrypt have now been allocated

  All stipends for young researchers have now been allocated for Eurocrypt 2012. Due to the support of various partners we have been able to award stipends to over 50 young researchers.

13:11 [Conf][EC] The Eurocrypt LNCS volume will be number 7237

  For those who already want to update their bibliography files; the Springer LNCS volume number for this years Eurocrypt will be 7237

12:10 [Event][New] STAST2012: Socio-Technical Aspects of Security and Trust

  Submission: 15 April 2012
Notification: 18 May 2012
From June 28 to June 28
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
More Information:

12:09 [Job][New] Post Doctoral Fellowship , Hewlett Packard Labs, India

  Applications for post-doctoral researcher in the area of Secure Distributed Computing with an emphasized interest in Cryptography and Mobile-Cloud Computing are solicited. We are seeking the best available talent (theory and practice) for hands-on prototype construction and building of next generation communication systems that are secure, usable, and reliable.

The candidate shall possess a PhD degree in the fields of cryptography, information security, or secure distributed computer science. Candidates with interest in cryptography protocols, coding theory, graph theory, or functional programming would find the work interesting and rewarding.

The contract shall be valid for one year with a possible extension for an additional more year. Based on mutual consent and performance, HPL may try to pursue a permanent position, if and when feasible.

The candidate may have less than 3 years of industry experience related to Mobile-Cloud Computing or Secure Distributed Computing.

1. The candidate may have a strong understanding of cryptography and secure distributed systems.

2. The candidate may have a strong understanding and hands-on ability to develop secure distributed systems. Knowledge of distributed access control issues is a strong benefit.

3. Ability to program with Scala or on Hadoop shall be considered an advantage.

20:54 [Event][New] Summer School on Tools

  From May 28 to June 1
Location: Mykonos, Greece
More Information:

10:06 [News] Help needed! List of Crypto-Speakers

  Steven Galbraith took the lead in compiling a list of all invited speakers at IACR conferences. Could you please help in contributing your knowledge in the area? The more complete the list is, the more useful it will become!

14:07 [Event][New] YACC'12: Yet Another Conference on Cryptography

  Submission: 15 June 2012
Notification: 15 July 2012
From September 24 to September 28
Location: Porquerolles Island, France
More Information: