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16:18 [Event][New] SECRYPT 2012: 9th International Conference on Security and Cryptography

  Submission: 5 March 2012
Notification: 4 May 2012
From July 24 to July 27
Location: Rome, Italy
More Information:

09:05 [Event][New] CMS'2012: Communications and Multimedia Security

  Submission: 18 March 2012
Notification: 30 April 2012
From September 3 to September 5
Location: Canterbury, UK
More Information:

12:02 [Job][New] Senior Researcher / Post-Doc, TU Berlin

  Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) is the central research and innovation unit of Deutsche Telekom, Europe\'s leading telecommunications company. T-Labs is also a joint institute of Deutsche Telekom and TU-Berlin. Working in cooperation with other universities and industrial partners, it provides a bridge between commerce and science, so as to turn novel ideas for real problems into marketable innovations as quickly as possible. Around 360 Telekom experts and scientists from various disciplines from all over the world work in Germany\'s vibrant capital Berlin and at other sites in Darmstadt, Bonn (Germany), Beer Sheva (Israel) and Los Altos (USA) on developing novel solutions and new services for Deutsche Telekom.

T-Labs head office is housed on the campus of the TU Berlin with several research institutes working in various areas of information and communication technology. As a joint venture between a company at the cutting edge of information technology and a leading German university, Telekom Innovation Laboratories offers an unprecedented combination of academic freedom, practical focus, and the resources of a major corporation. The networking and security groups have several openings for highly qualified

Senior Research Scientists

in the broad areas of

• Networking (network measurement and analysis, network architecture, wireless networking, cloud networks, software defined networks, security)

• Security, Trust, and Privacy (fixed, wireless, and mobile communications, system security)

• Systems (secure, efficient virtualization for networks and/or embedded and/or server systems)

• Security on a nanometer-scale (side-channel attacks and resistance, circumventing and designing tamperproof devices)

Successful applicants will have recently completed a doctoral degree, e.g., in computer science, electrical engineering, or other disciplines related to the areas m

13:06 [Event][Update] Asiacrypt 2012

  Submission: 20 May 2012
Notification: 16 August 2012
From December 2 to December 6
Location: Beijing, China
More Information:

16:10 [Event][New] IEEE DEST-CEE 2012: 6th IEEE Inter. Conf. on Digital Ecosystems Technologies

  Submission: 15 March 2012
Notification: 19 April 2012
From June 18 to June 20
Location: Campione d'Italia, Italy
More Information:

15:42 [Job][New] Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Cryptography, Information Security Group - Royal Holloway, University of London


Applications are invited for a research position in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London, to work on cryptographic research for the International Technical Alliance (ITA) project. The ITA is a large, open collaborative project that is jointly funded by the UK Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense. The ITA is tasked with producing breakthroughs in fundamental research to expand the technological capabilities of the US Army and the UK Armed Forces. The project involves 16 universities and 7 industrial partners. The particular research agenda for the post involves collaboration between four universities (located in the UK and the US).

The Information Security Group (ISG) at Royal Holloway, University of London, is one of the largest and oldest academic security research groups in Europe. Its interdisciplinary approach includes research on cryptographic algorithms, network security, computer security, security architectures and security management. The ISG is a partner in the ITA project with funding to work on the development of cryptographic security solutions.

The successful applicant will have (or near completion) a PhD in relevant subject. They will work with Dr. Carlos Cid and other members of the ISG to develop efficient and provably-secure cryptographic solutions for processing data in ad-hoc networks. This will involve fundamental research on the design and use of homomorphic encryption, homomorphic signatures, and secure outsourcing. An appreciation of the role that these cryptographic schemes may take in practical systems would be considered an advantage. The ideal candidate should be able to start as soon as possible until end February 2013 but the post may be extended after this time.

14:41 [Job][New] Faculty positions, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany

  Saarland University is seeking to establish within the department of mathematics and computer science several faculty positions as assistant professors (Juniorprofessor, W1) with tenure-track option, offered for a three-year term, with a possible extension of another three years, dependable on a teaching evaluation and an external evaluation of the research activities. Every position will receive additional complementary funding by the CISPA, to cover research personnel and other costs. Senior appointments including tenure will be considered in exceptional cases.

The positions are part of the recently established IT-security center "CISPA - Center for IT-Security, Privacy, and Accountability". CISPA was established as part of the German initiative to create three distinguished centers of outstanding research in IT-security. CISPA covers the whole range of research problems in IT-security, privacy, and accountability, from fundamental research questions to the development of new technologies and prototypic systems for practical application.

Applications are invited for positions in all areas related to IT-security, privacy, and accountability. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • design and formal verification of security protocols, programs, and architectures;
  • cryptography;
  • network and operating systems security;
  • web security;
  • privacy enhancing technologies in a broad sense, privacy in data acquisition, processing, and publishing;
  • reliability, accountability and trust;
  • security and privacy in decentralized systems;
  • as well cross-cutting disciplines such as usability and social aspects in this research field.
  • A doctoral degree in computer science or related areas and an outstanding research record are required. The working and teaching language is English. Candidates should submit their application curriculum vitae, photograph, list of public

    13:06 [Event][New] IEEE ACS 2012: 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Anonymity and Communication Systems

      Submission: 1 March 2012
    Notification: 8 April 2012
    From June 25 to June 27
    Location: Liverpool, UK
    More Information:

    06:49 [Event][New] (IJCSS): CFP - International Journal of Computer Science and Security

      Submission: 31 January 2012
    Notification: 15 March 2012
    From April 30 to April 30
    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    More Information:

    13:11 [Event][New] SNDS 2012: Int Conference on Security in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

      Submission: 27 March 2012
    Notification: 25 May 2012
    From October 12 to October 13
    Location: Trivandrum, India
    More Information:

    17:43 [Job][New] Postdoc Positions in IT-Security/Privacy/Cryptography, Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA), Saarbrücken, Germany

      The Information Security and Cryptography (IS&C) group in the Computer Science Department of Saarland University is currently offering several Postdoc positions. The IS&C group is part of the newly established Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA). CISPA actively supports collaborations with other research centers worldwide, and offers young researchers an ideal working environment in every respect.

    The IS&C group conducts research in various aspects of IT-security, privacy, and cryptography. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • design and formal verification of security protocols, programs, and architectures,
  • cryptography,
  • network and operating systems security,
  • web security,
  • privacy enhancing technologies in a broad sense, privacy in data acquisition, processing, and publishing,
  • reliability, accountability and trust,
  • security and privacy in decentralized systems,
  • as well cross-cutting disciplines such as usability and social aspects in this research field.
  • Positions are being offered for two years, with the possibility of renewal for another year. Postdoc applicants are required to hold a doctoral degree in computer science or a closely related area, or have it completed at the time of taking up the position. We expect successful applicants to have a strong background in one or more of the aforementioned research topics, and to maintain an outstanding academic track record. The working and teaching language is English.

    Please send your application to Michael Backes via e-mail. Applications should contain a CV, copies of transcripts, certificates as well as a research statement and two references. Applications will be accepted until the positions have been filled.