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22:08 [Event][New] SEC '12: 21st USENIX Security Symposium (Crypt)

  Submission: 16 February 2012
Notification: 24 April 2012
From August 8 to August 10
Location: Bellevue, USA
More Information:

11:24 [Conf][EC] Eurocrypt Programme Now Available

  The programme for Eurocrypt 2012 is now available at the main Eurocrypt web site: You can also book accomodation, walking tours of Cambridge and an excursion to Bletchley Park. Due to the increase in the number of talks there is no free Tuesday afternoon. However, these have been grouped by theme to enable you to decide which afternoon to take off and do the walking tour. The excursion to Bletchley will be on Thursday afternoon.

07:09 [Event][Update] Stream Ciphers: Special Issue on

  Submission: 15 January 2012
Notification: 20 March 2012
From December 31 to December 31
Location: Kolkata, India
More Information:

20:17 [Job][New] Senior researcher with a strong background on cryptology, Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced Telecommunications (GRADIANT) Vigo, Spain

  We are looking for a senior researcher with a strong background on cryptology and its mathematical foundations, with a strong motivation for carrying out applied research in this field and leading projects focused on practical applications.

Research experience is required in at least one of the following topics: secure identity management, privacy by design, trusted computing and secure computation outsourcing, network security, design of efficient cryptosystems, digital rights management, security and usability.

Information and CV: maria.jesus (at)

21:33 [Job][New] Ph.D. positions in applied cryptography / network security / privacy, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

  Open Ph.D. positions in applied cryptography, network security, and privacy-enhancing technologies are available in the Department of Computing at University of Surrey, UK starting in April 2012.

Prerequisites: Applications are welcome from university graduates and students close to graduation in mathematics, computer science, or information security. Successful applicants must show outstanding grades and have final thesis on a topic related to cryptography and information security. Applicants must further be citizens of the European Union.

How to Apply: Applications should be sent by email to mark (at) (in a single PDF document), containing a CV, a copy of academic transcripts, a short statement of motivation (incl. description of prior activities in the relevant areas), and one reference or a letter of recommendation. Applications will be processed until the positions are filled.

16:53 [Event][New] ICITeS'2012: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information Technology a

  Submission: 10 January 2012
Notification: 1 February 2012
From March 24 to March 26
Location: Sousse, Tunisia
More Information:

08:04 [Job][New] Research Scientist, Temasek Laboratories, National University of Singapore


Temasek Laboratories at National University of Singapore is looking for a research scientist on stream ciphers especially on analysis of stream ciphers and theirs statistical tests.

Applicants should have PhD degree in Mathematics/Computer Science or related discipline, and proficiency in C/C++ programming.

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt.

For application information, please visit Interested candidates can contact Dr Tan Chik How tsltch (at)

06:43 [Event][New] SHARCS 2012: Special-Purpose Hardware for Attacking Cryptographic Systems

  Submission: 23 January 2012
Notification: 17 February 2012
From March 17 to March 18
Location: Washington, DC, USA
More Information:

09:00 [Job][New] PhD position in Security of Industrial Control Systems, University of Twente

  The candidate is expected to joint and extent the ICS and SCADA-related research agenda of the DIES research group and contribute to our research in areas like host-based intrusion detection in ICS, automated device fingerprinting of ICS/SCADA devices, and security testing tools and methodologies for ICS/SCADA. He is also to contribute to the EU FP7 project CRISALIS, which aims at providing new means to secure critical infrastructure environments from targeted attacks, carried out by resourceful and motivated individuals.

08:59 [Event][New] ESORICS 2012: 17th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security

  Submission: 31 March 2012
Notification: 10 June 2012
From September 10 to September 12
Location: Pisa, Italy
More Information:

15:46 [PhD][New] Arshad Ali: New Attacks on FCSR-based Stream Ciphers

  Name: Arshad Ali
Topic: New Attacks on FCSR-based Stream Ciphers
Category: secret-key cryptography

Description: This thesis presents a new family of cryptanalytic attacks on a class of binary\r\nadditive synchronous stream ciphers, the theory of which is based on the properties\r\nof 2-adic numbers. We refer to this new family of cryptanalytic attacks as State Transition Attacks (STAs); we identify three variants of this class of attack, namely Conventional State Transition Attacks (CSTAs), Fast State\r\nTransition Attacks (FSTAs) and Improved State Transition Attacks (ISTAs). These attack variants give rise to trade-offs between data, time and memory complexities. The thesis describes STAs on a class of binary additive synchronous stream ciphers whose keystream generators use l-sequences, which are generated by binary Feedback with Carry Shift Registers (FCSRs). A new theory of linearisation intervals for FCSR state update functions is also presented, and results on correlations between the feedback bit and the Hamming weights of the main and carry registers of Galois FCSRs are developed. These\r\ntheoretical findings are used to cryptanalyse an eSTREAM candidate known as F-FCSR-H v2, as well as two variants of this cipher, known as F-FCSR-H and F-FCSR-16. This cryptanalysis yields State Recovery Algorithms (SRAs)\r\nfor these ciphers. The cryptanalytic attacks on F-FCSR-H v2, F-FCSR-H and F-FCSR-16 presented in this thesis are the most efficient attacks known so far on these ciphers. The thesis also presents a FCSR key recovery algorithm which works in conjunction with the SRAs in order to recover the e ective key used in these ciphers.\r\n
\r\n The thesis also presents various techniques, which can be considered as pre-requisite for simulating new attacks on FCSR-based stream ciphers. In order to describe these techniques, the thesis defines a small-scale variant of the F-FCSR-H type keystream generators and names it as T-cipher. The thesis develops a statistical analysis for the T-cipher and uses it to describe various aspects of the sequences generated by such ciph[...]